God Agrees Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Is A-Hole, Sends Her To Jail

The persecution has begunneth!

Poor criming-while-white bigot and hell-bound harlot Kim Davis, her day of reckoning has come, her god has forsaken her, and off to the pokey she goes:

After being ordered to appear before Kentucky District Judge David Bunning Thursday to explain why the heck she thinks she does not have to abide by the law, and also ALL those court rulings, from his bench and even the Supreme Court of US America, Judge Bunning decided Davis's explanation  -- that nobody is the boss of her, and all the judges can eat her dick because "God's authority" -- is not good enough and told her (more or less), "No, you can eat MY dick. In jail."

Davis has said that's fine with her, she's "prepared to go to jail" because of how Jesus told her that while she's all good on the sinning front now, cleansed and forgiven for her SO MANY divorces and whoring around and out-of-wedlock babies, the one thing she simply cannot do is let homosexians do marriage, nuh uh, not on her Rowan County clerk's office watch.

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So Davis gets to sit in jail and think about her actions, and the clerks who work under her and really want to issue marriage licenses, actually, to all the lesbian gays, but are terrified that Davis will eat their souls or something, can do that now. So yup, everyone wins.

Naturally, the bigots like Pat Robertson believe this is just the beginning, and The Gays and their gay-adjacent liberal accomplices won't rest until all the Kim Davis-style bigots are in jail:

So this whole thing is — putting her in jail and so forth — is nonsense. But it will happen and it’s just the beginning, it’s the warmup of this battle. And I want you to know right now, you’ve heard it here, the gays do not just want to be recognized, they do not want to be accepted, they do not want to have just freedom, they want everybody to agree with them and everybody who doesn’t agree with them and does not comport with their way of thinking, they want to be punished, put in jail, or fined. That’s the way they want it and you might as well get used to it.

And he's not wrong. Because all the law-breakers who are breaking the law and contempting the court, like Kim Davis has done, need to either quit their jobs or prepare to go jail, just like Davis, for BREAKING THE LAW.

Molotov to all the Rowan County same-sexers who will no doubt be lining up around the block for their gay marriage licenses right about ... now.

[RightWingWatch / Think Progress]


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