Good Morning, Here's Rudy Giuliani Playing With Zoom Filters And Trying To Talk British Again

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Remember a few weeks ago when Rudy Giuliani was NOT DRUNK, YOU WERE DRUNK, while giving some kind of September 11 speech, and he made the most pathetic attempt at doing a "British" accent we have ever heard? He was NOT MAKING FUN OF THE QUEEN, YOU WERE MAKING FUN OF THE QUEEN, and it was just sad, even by Rudy Giuliani's standards, and this is a guy who shaves in the middle of restaurants and whose entire face appears to leak in public.

Well, Rudy got on the internet on purpose again. We'll let the Daily Beast set this one up, because they clearly had too much fun writing this:

Rudy Giuliani has managed to find one last scrap of dignity to lose with an inexplicable and borderline incomprehensible attack video featuring himself disguised as Abraham Lincoln using an augmented reality filter.

HOW? How does Rudy Giuliani keep finding scraps of dignity to lose?

In the video, the former New York City mayor appears with a big superimposed hat and beard, and he, for some reason, meanders in and out of what seems to be his best attempt at a British accent.

Of course, because he thinks he knows what British people sound like, because he's so worldly.

As the Beast explains, it is an attack ad on Terry McAuliffe — you betcha — and it's about some sort of completely debunked smear from the 1990s about McAuliffe giving donors the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House like it was an AirBnB during the Clinton administration. You know Rudy Giuliani, always got his schram on the zeitgeist. (Rudy STOP TOUCHING THE ZEITGEIST WITH YOUR SCHRAM.)

Here's the damn video:

In summary and in conclusion, if you ever wondered what a "Rudy Giuliani As Slutty Abe Lincoln" costume would look like for Halloween, now you know.

[Daily Beast]

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