The thing happened, just as we knew it would. House Republicans ousted Liz Cheney from leadership for her stubborn insistence on not lying to the American people and saying Donald Trump won an election he did not win, and on being honest and blaming Trump for the domestic terrorist attack he literally incited.

And congressional Republicans are handling the ouster they just carried out with all the maturity and gravity you'd expect from a moment like this. Cheney made a final speech in their meeting this morning, and they booed her. Then they got rid of her in a quick voice vote, because they're cowards.

Cheney came out of the meeting like this:

Emerging from the meeting, Ms. Cheney remained unremorseful, and said she was committed to doing "everything I can to ensure that the former president never again gets near the Oval Office."

"We must go forward based on truth," Ms. Cheney told reporters. "We cannot both embrace the big lie and embrace the Constitution."

Fair enough.

And then the tweets began, from Cheney's GOP colleagues.

There was Lauren Boebert, who made the verbal equivalent of an armpit fart:

Good one, Rep. Boebert. Will you be here all night doing "jokes," or has Q summoned you to a secret meeting?

There was Madison Cawthorn, reviving the Very Serious Big Boy Congressman spirit of the "Cry more, lib" tweet he sent after he was elected to Congress and the rotting garbage who called himself the 45th president got his ass beat.

Very good tweet, young Madison!

Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted a thing, but it's not even worth sharing.

It's weird, all these tweets are from Republicans who helped Trump incite the terrorist attack against the Capitol by propagating his fascist Big Lie, and then even after the attack kept on trying to overthrow the 2020 election. Must be a coincidence.

Here's the good congressman from Montana, who is apparently too stupid to understand why this tweet is funny to US, but shouldn't be to HIM:

Nobody bother explaining it to the congressman.

There was Matt Gaetz, tweeting jerkoff lingo about "the establishment" and promoting an appearance on Steve Bannon's greasy-haired show, one of the few media appearances we guess he could make where he's not necessarily the least attractive person on the split-screen. We guess people currently under criminal investigation just enjoy being in each other's company.

Of course, Gaetz had already previously failed while trying to take a victory lap around Cheney, digging up an old tweet from GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger from the first time they tried to remove her.

It's funny because it's good advice for Matt Gaetz.

If you missed it in our other post about Kinzinger, you should read this thread he wrote this morning about the garbage that is current GOP House leadership:

So like we said, Cheney's ouster was greeted with all the maturity we'd expect from pant-shitting toddlers who refuse to take a nap, but not from members of Congress. Alas, this is how far the Republican Party has fallen.

There was one other GOP congressman besides Kinzinger, that we know of, who wasn't a dick to Cheney. (Pause to once again recall that we are writing about people being mean to a Cheney like it's a bad thing. Now carry on.) Rep. Ken Buck, a Freedom Caucus-er who is usually a dick about literally everything else, came out of the meeting this morning and said Cheney was being cancel cultured for "speaking her mind." Really.

He was also the only Republican who stayed in the room last night when she gave her floor speech.

Oh well, it's a fully seditionist party now, no need to dwell on the exceptions to the rule. Dear Leader Trump wouldn't want us doing that.

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