GOP AZ Gov Candidate Kari Lake Pretty Sure Zombie John McCain Still Pulling The Strings

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GOP AZ Gov Candidate Kari Lake Pretty Sure Zombie John McCain Still Pulling The Strings

We’re frequently advised not to pressure Arizona’s most useless senator, Kyrsten Sinema, too much because she might leave the Democratic party in a huff and join the GOP sedition caucus. After all, she considers the late GOP Senator John McCain her role model and “personal hero,” just like the late Rep. John Lewis. (She has a lot of personal heroes, we guess.)

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Now, I dare say we probably shouldn’t worry too much about the "wine-drinking bisexual triathlete” flipping parties. Have you seen the Arizona GOP? State Sen. Wendy Rogers is an openly anti-semitic Putin apologist who considers white nationalists “patriots.” She took the Big Lie international and accused French President Emmanuel Macron of stealing his recent election, tweeting last month, “Macron stole the election. Dig deeper our fellow French patriots! You guys know how to party like it is 1776."


It’s bad enough this racist fool co-opts Prince, but she should at least get the date right. The French Revolution began in 1789.

Rogers isn’t a statewide candidate, but Republican Kari Lake is running for governor on a total batshit platform. She also worships at the altar of Donald Trump, who loathed John McCain. Republicans like Professional Senate Race Loser Martha McSally once straddled the line between respecting the “maverick” war hero while ignoring Trump’s constant flamenco dancing on his grave. Now, MAGA GOP tears right into McCain, as if he’s a common commie.

During an interview with Trump's former econ crank Peter Navarro, Lake demonstrated what a classless piece of crap she is and actively smeared a dead man.

LAKE: I think we’re learning a lot about what McCain was up to. I saw a video of him from several years back in Ukraine, and he was a very powerful politician. He wielded a ton of power. He ran Arizona with an iron fist.

McCain was a US senator, not the governor, but go on.

LAKE: He controlled the entire political scene in Arizona from top to bottom, and they don’t want to give up that power.

John McCain is dead. This salient fact seems to have registered in Lake’s twisted mind, but she insists that Zombie John McCain is still a powerful political force.

LAKE: John McCain may be dead, but he’s reaching up from the grave trying to keep power on Arizona, and it was never about power to help the people of Arizona. It was never about that. It was about maintaining his power, incredible power in the entire US ... world power ... and he had complete power over Arizona. Rarely, did he do anything good for the people. And the people are aware of that.

McCain had a tenuous relationship with the hard Right, but after he saved the Affordable Care Act, Republicans almost collectively turned against him. Weeks before he died, seven out of 10 Arizona Republicans viewed McCain unfavorably, while 62 percent of Arizona Democrats viewed him favorably. This partisan irony is somewhat consistent with McCain’s overall popularity for a while. He was the Republican Democrats respected, but the MAGA Republicans don’t care if Democrats like them. They are more likely to view Democratic support as damning evidence someone is a “RINO.”

Recent polls show that Sinema has higher approval among Republicans than Democrats. This doesn’t mean she’s a “maverick” like McCain who opposed his party on principled positions such as torture or healthcare. She’s just a useful idiot. If she switched parties, that usefulness would end and she’d have to up the crazy significantly to survive as an Arizona Republican.

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