GOP Congressjerk To Government Workers: Stop Fapping On The Taxpayers' Dime!

GOP Congressjerk To Government Workers: Stop Fapping On The Taxpayers' Dime!

Republican Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina is a guy with NO sense of fun at all. He's got a real hard-on for this bill he keeps introducing -- the Eliminating Pornography From Agencies Act -- which, strangely, Congress isn't in much of a hurry to even vote on, HMMMM.

While plenty of agencies have already implemented overly burdensome Big Government regulations to stop bored federal employees from wanking away the hours at their cubicles, Meadows wants a total government-wide ban to prevent ALL workers from even casually browsing some NSFW visuals because he hates the First Amendment, obviously:

The new legislation would require the Office of Management and Budget to implement guidelines banning federal employees from looking at porn while on the clock as well as blocking access to the sites.

"There is absolutely no excuse for federal employees to be viewing and downloading pornographic materials on the taxpayers' dime," he said. "Further, downloading these files, which are often ridden with viruses and malware, poses a cybersecurity threat at our federal agencies. This commonsense legislation ensures that federal workers have a comfortable, safe work environment and protects taxpayer resources from being misused."

Oh, well, if looking at porn threatens our NATIONAL SECURITY, then certainly the Republican-controlled Congress will get right on it and make sure that can't happen anymore because they care soooooo much about national security. Which is why the Republican-controlled House didn't do anything the last time Meadows introduced the same bill. But maybe if his colleagues would just read his statement, they'd understand how serious this is:

Last year, an Inspector General report revealed that one Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) employee was viewing as much as 6 hours of pornography a day in his office on his government computer. The same federal employee was found to have downloaded as many as 7,000 pornographic files onto his government computer. To date, this employee has yet to be fired and we continue to learn of similar bad actors.

Or maybe they'd just tell the congressvirgin to chill out, bro, because no one really wants to get rid of porn. Not even Republicans. Especially not Republicans.



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