Dana Bash Shut Down Mid-Stupid- Question, So Probably No Dems On The Sunday Shows For A While

Did you know Democrats are worse than Republicans when it comes to vicious bullying, questioning elections, and oh hey while we're at it shutting down the government? You probably did know that if you watch the Sunday shows, because it's always panels and guests strictly of the GOP variety, explaining it to you!

But Dana Bash made a mistake this weekend, and it was "inviting on a Democrat." On CNN's "State Of The Union," host Dana Bash was interviewing Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe when she compared the 2020 election and the 2000 "election" of George W. Bush. McAuliffe pointed out how ridiculous it was, making Bash basically give up on the idiotic premise mid-sentence.

: So, you're being criticized for saying, well, wait a minute. The Republicans are questioning election integrity, when that's exactly what you did multiple times in more than one election. How do you respond?

MCAULIFFE: First of all, the 2000 election went to the United States Supreme Court. The United States Supreme Court shut down the voting, overruled the Florida Supreme Court, and stopped the counting of votes. That is quite a difference from what you had in the Trump election, where 33, 34 cases, whatever it, was brought up. Republican judges dismissed it.

BASH: Yes. And I don't mean — and I don't mean to suggest...

MCAULIFFE: There's no comparison.

BASH: What happened in 2000 was so different.


BASH: In 2020, Joe Biden won, full stop.

MCAULIFFE: Fair and square.

BASH: No question.

MCAULIFFE: But the...

BASH: But I guess, going back to 2000, do you think Republicans stole that election?


BASH: Uh-huh.

MCAULIFFE: I wish the United States Supreme Court had let them finish counting the votes.

Chris Christie, Civility Police

Former New Jersey governor and current ABC News "contributor" Chris Christie, went on "This Week With George Stephanopoulos" and he could not believe those vicious, bullying Democrats.

When Stephanopoulos bought up statement Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's statement earlier on the show calling for an end to the debt limit, Christie had to vent his feelings in the roundtable discussion.

: You know, there's all this talk about people wanting bipartisanship. But there were two examples, George, of when Republicans have actually come over to help Democrats on issues. You've had the infrastructure bill in the Senate. You had 19 Republican senators come with the Democrats. And now you had the debt ceiling, where 10 came to extend the debt ceiling. And both times, Democratic leadership has smacked back at Republicans. On the infrastructure bill, a vote was promised by Nancy Pelosi, she broke that promise. And now, right after the 10 votes, Chuck Schumer goes to the floor to absolutely excoriate the Republican Party. If we want to encourage bipartisanship, after people actually do it, kicking them in the face is not the way to get them to want to do it again.

Let's break down this breakdown from the bridge closing, beach lounging faux tough guy former governor:

  • The deal in place was that the "bipartisan" infrastructure bill (BIF) would be voted on ... AFTER reconciliation was done. Speaker Pelosi & President Biden made clear numerous time that Democrats would be working on both of these tracks simultaneously. Then the Gottheimer Gang of Idiots threw a fit and got Pelosi to agree to an earlier vote ... that would have failed if she'd brought it up. Christie is mad (like Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin are) that House Democrats aren't gonna let their reconciliation to be reliant on pinky promises from senators whose words can't be counted on. It's also very suspicious that with McConnell's almost iron grip on his caucus, that so many would back the BIF, unless it was to provide pressure to kill more progressive items (Build Back Better, HR1, reforming the filibuster, etc).
  • Speaking of filibuster, "10 Republicans" did not vote to extend the debt limit. They voted for Ted Cruz to shut the fuck up after he filibustered Democrats' attempts to do actual governance. The debt ceiling vote was still 50-48 with ZERO Republicans actually voting for the debt ceiling being raised.

Chuck Schumer rightfully pointed out the facts when he outlined that Republicans weren't just not doing their jobs, but outright blocking Democrats from doing theirs! Even to preserve the actual US and global economies! McConnell, Christie and the rest of the GOP's concern trolling about "bipartisanship" is laughable and downright insulting to everyone's intelligence.

But what makes this Christie narrative worse is that he is a "news contributor" now. He's creating a false narrative that is spread as if it were a news fact. After the past five years, and the past 13, and the past 20, the news media is still yelling "both sides."

Steve Scalise Does The Cha-Cha

Meanwhile on "Fox News Sunday," Chris Wallace allowed House Republican Whip Steve Scalise to dance around the twice timidly asked simple question "Was the 2020 election stolen?"

Wallace's failure and Scalise's ability to never truly answer the question definitely contradicts this decree Wallace made to Stephen Colbert a month ago:

WALLACE: If I'm gonna have them on, I'm gonna hold them to account. Over and over about "what about this election?" [...] "Is Joe Biden the duly elected President of The United States?" [...] "Was he elected fair and square?"

Yeah, nah.

Fiona Hill Sees It Coming

The failure of news media, the Justice Department, and Congress to hold insurrectionists and propagandists accountable for January 6th will lead to disaster, as predicted by former White House intelligence adviser Fiona Hill on CBS's "Face The Nation":

: I said that also in the book that this [January 6th] was, in effect, a dress rehearsal for something that could be happening near term in 2022. 2024.

That very real possibility should send chills up your spine.

When Bill Maher Is Right, We're In Trouble

If not, knowing that Bill Maher was right about something should. Let's not ignore April Ryan's very real concern the same way news media ignored Keith Ellison's warning five years ago.

Have a week.

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