GOP Homophobia So Bad Not Even GOProud Can Stand It Anymore

GOP Homophobia So Bad Not Even GOProud Can Stand It Anymore

We all know that the Republican Party consists mainly of homophobic, xenophobic, racist-to-varying-degrees, warring-on-women assholes, right? This is FACT and SCIENCE, and other things that liberals accept and Republicans deny. But just how homophobic is the GOP? So much so that the organization that tries to get more LGBT acceptance in the Republican party, GOProud, is giving up, finally acknowledging that Republicans are unmitigated homophobes with no chance at redemption:

After five years in the often precarious space of being a gay conservative group, LGBT Republican organization GOProud is ceasing operations, according to a series of reports at Bilerico. 

Oh no! Without a group trying to make the GOP more inclusive, who will CPAC ostracize at their annual conservative circle-jerk? Who will get quoted when a Republican public official has a gay kid and either changes their mind or decides to continue along their bigoted way?

But fear not! Apparently GOProud is just doing a little re-organizing. Cleaning out the closet, if you will.

"The fact is, in order to continue promoting the conservative principles upon which this organization was founded, change is needed," [GOProud executive director Matthew] Bechstein wrote in an email to Bilerico. "One of the changes under discussion is a switch to a different legal type of organization — basic paperwork that requires dissolution and immediate subsequent reorganization.

We’re not sure that a paperwork shuffle is what is needed to get Republicans to treat the LGBT community like human beings who have rights and voices and all that. In fact, GOProud has already lost one of its founders, Jimmy LaSalvia, who quit both GOProud and the Republican Party earlier this year because of (wait, can you guess? We bet you can if you try real hard!): Bigotry!

LaSalvia says the RNC hired specialists focusing on outreach to numerous demographics but openly admits why it can't do the same for LGBT voters. "In my conversations, they acknowledge they can't do it," LaSalvia said, "and they can't do it because of the backlash from the antigay forces in their party."

Seriously, we would welcome folks like GOProud trying to convince Republicans to treat our LGBT brothers & sisters with respect and dignity. But we also get why even those who are trying their best continue to throw up their hands in disgust and walk away. So long as the GOP continues to cater to the far-right fringe of Americans who stand against marriage equality and LGBT equality, it will be an uphill battle for Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Republican PAC, or whatever GOProud rebrands itself into.


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