GOP Lobbyist's Drunken Loser Kid Resigns Sweet Job Walker Gave Him

GOP Lobbyist's Drunken Loser Kid Resigns Sweet Job Walker Gave Him

The short, meteoric rise of some drunken loser flunk-out has come to an end, despite his dad being a wealthy GOP construction-industry lobbyist who demanded Scott Walker's new administration hire up all the rich white Republican drunken loser flunk-out kids at $81,500 annual salaries. Brian Deschane, 27, was given the sweet job because his daddy gave Scott Walker $121,000 to run for governor. But then the mean old liberal newspaper wrote about young Deschane and his two DUI convictions that not even his daddy could make go away with a check to the judge, and then the socialists all started blogging it, and thenDeschane got a demotion back to his previous sweet job, making $64,728 a year, also for nothing more than being the unemployable result of one of Scott Walker's corporate donors ejaculating into a woman's vagina some 28 years ago.

And now, the adult-child has "resigned" from this job, probably because the Wisconsin Builders Association has had just about all the terrible publicity they're willing to take from the slacker son of a guy hired to advance their interests, not turn their dumb corporate newsletter into a punchline on Wonkette.

The Journal Sentinel reports on this controversy that is all the fault of a dirty Milwaukee newspaper for people who don't share the values of the minority of Wisconsin voters who don't live in the state's population centers:

The 27-year-old son of a prominent supporter of Gov. Scott Walker resigned from his state government job following public criticism over his appointment to an $81,500-per-year job in the Walker administration, sources said Thursday. Brian Deschane submitted his resignation letter to officials at the state Department of Commerce, where he had been named administrator of environmental and regulatory matters in February.

It is not clear why Deschane chose to resign rather than accept the demotion. A directory of Department of Regulation and Licensing employees shows that Secretary Dave Ross filled Deschane's post after he left.

And that's the last we'll hear of Brian Deschane ... until he reaches age 30 and is eligible to run for the U.S. Senate. [Journal Sentinel]


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