GOP Presidential Race Finally Has a Front-Runner: Donald Trump

GOP Presidential Race Finally Has a Front-Runner: Donald Trump

Well,that didn't take long. Yesterday, we predicted Donald Trump referring to African Americans as "the blacks" and blaming them for putting Obama into office would secure the final, racist part of the Republican base he needed to wrap up the presidential nomination with his joke of a campaign. Today, PPP has Trump up 9 points over Mike Huckabee for the lead in a national poll of Republican primary voters. While the unsavory cartoon rich man trails in third among the portion of the electorate that is happy to vote for a candidate who dismisses the birthers, they're a small minority: only 38%. 23% of voters say they will only vote for a birther. This is a birther's game. Unless a similar public official, like Orly Taitz, jumps into the race, it's hard to see how a fake candidate like Donald Trump can lose the nomination of the abolitionist party.

Among that 23% only willing to vote for a birther Trump is cleaning up even more, getting 37% to 13% for Huckabee and Palin, and 10% for Romney and Gingrich.

This man is our generation's Eisenhower. He's survived the reality television wars with grit and switching to a celebrity format. Now he's ready to be our head of state.

Where's the ghost of Lincoln? Trump's gonna send the jet to pick him up and bring him to New York to crown him the new leader of the party.

In God we trust. In birthers God trusts. We have found our savior, and he's a toolbag with a bad tan and combover. [PPP]


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