GOP Would Hate For You To Think They're Not Craven POSes

I can't put into words what a loss the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg is. Better people have eulogized this legendary woman who fought for justice and equality for all. The saddest part for me is that we haven't gotten nor will get a moment to properly mourn her because of this political moment in time. Like many, my initial reaction was howling about how this affected the Supreme Court and this election instead of her legacy. We all knew the jowled bastard that is Mitch McConnell, who stole Obama's final Supreme Court nomination and then promised that he would break that "No SCOTUS confirmation on an election year" precedent last year, was so craven. He even began laying the tracks to excuse his and the GOP Senate's hypocrisy in February this year.

And it's clear from the Republicans on the Sunday shows that they were handed this script to get in lock-step. We know a weird little online freak like Ted Cruz and a literal actual fascist like Tom Cotton would not hesitate to do Trump's bidding, so let's focus on two lesser attention-seeking Sunday show fuckheads instead.

On CNN's "State Of The Union," Jake Tapper hosted Mike Pence's Chief of Staff and homophobic scumbag, Marc Short.

Tapper played a clip of Trump as a candidate in 2016, and then pointed out the obvious hypocrisy with his question (which was repeated in various forms by all the Sunday hosts) to Short:

TAPPER: So, the Trump position for a Democratic president was delay, delay, delay. But, for him, it's urgent to confirm someone now. How do you push back against the impression voters are going to have that there seems to be absolutely no principle at stake here; it's just about raw power?

Short then repeated McConnell's revisionist history script, proving that this is the logic Trump will try and mangle sometime this week to excuse his attempt to steal a second SCOTUS seat. But while noting that "logic," Tapper pointed out a bit of a historical hiccup:

TAPPER: I take the point on the difference of power between the White House and the Senate. But a lot of Republicans weren't talking about that in 2016. They were talking about the principle of, we're so close to an election, let's let the voters decide. And it isn't just President Trump changing his tune on this. It's also virtually every Senate Republican.

Tapper then did what Lindsey Graham had implored everyone to do: "Use my words against me." Short tried to reverse it by indignantly asking why hasn't Joe Biden released his SCOTUS list even though Joe is not president (yet) and it's irrelevant. Tapper used this to throw a bit pf shade.

TAPPER: I would love to see a list from Joe Biden. I'd also love to see President Trump's tax returns, as long as we're talking about precedents along those lines.

SHORT: Well, you know, that's clever, Jake [...]

TAPPER: I'm glad you think it's clever. It's also just precedent. He's the first person since '76 who hasn't done it. But let's stick to this issue about Ginsburg and the Supreme Court vacancy.

Short then tried to claim it was the "will of the people" in 2016 when Trump was "elected" to justify THIS attempt to subvert that same will but Tapper pointed put the flaw in that argument while making Short kinda admit he's full of shit.

TAPPER: Well, it's interesting, because you keep talking about the 2016 election results as representing what the American people want. And, look, President Trump won, according to the rules of the Electoral College, which is what the -- those are the rules we play by. But it doesn't reflect the will of the popular vote, because the popular vote, Hillary Clinton actually got three million more votes. So, I just wonder why you — how you can keep invoking the results as representative of anything other than a legitimate victory in the Electoral College, because it doesn't represent the will of the people, according to what a majority or at least a plurality want?

SHORT: I don't know, Jake, if it's your position that we shouldn't have an Electoral College.

: No, I'm not saying that. I'm not saying that.

: But I also think that the reality is that, if this was purely a notion of popular vote, you would have seen Donald Trump campaigning a lot more in states like New York and California.

Admitting the Electoral College is undemocratic by accident is a weird flex, but ok...

On "Face The Nation," Margaret Brennan interviewed un-American Republican liar Roy Blunt. Brennan began by reminding Blunt of RBG's final wish and appeal to whatever shred of human decency might not have been killed off long ago:

BRENNAN: You know there was so much heartfelt outpouring in the wake of Justice Ginsburg's death, really from across the political spectrum. And then within hours, we heard her dying wish, as relayed to her granddaughter, was that it — it be held up, her replacement, until there is a new president. Why is that being ignored?

Blunt then gave the same empty platitude for RBG's legacy all GOP senators will give while basically saying fuck that noise.

BLUNT: You know, from the — the point of view of that dying wish to her granddaughter; of course, that is totally reasonable to understand that she'd rather have — be replaced by a president that might be of the same party that nominated her to start with. But the Constitution is the Constitution.

Funny that the "Constitution is the Constitution" definitely didn't apply when Merrick Garland was not even considered by some arbitrary bullshit McConnell pulled from his ass, then and now.

Blunt used the new McConnell logic, was called on the hypocrisy, and then went ahead to stand by it. So much so, he made a pathetic admission:

BLUNT: And I said that over and over again in 2016. I checked the record on this.

BRENNAN: I am sure you did, because, you know, and you're hearing all these cries of hypocrisy. […]

You know it's a special kinda horseshit when you have to check tapes.

They'll do anything they can. Time to be absolute motherfuckers.

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