Sen. Roger Marshall Hasn’t Examined Biden Or Anything But Pretty Sure He’s Senile Old Coot

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Sen. Roger Marshall Hasn’t Examined Biden Or Anything But Pretty Sure He’s Senile Old Coot

Republicans are very concerned — like an army of Susan Collinses — about President Joe Biden’s cognitive health. Yes, these are people who’d willingly vote again for Donald Trump, who can’t even correctly name the winner of the last presidential election. That’s a far more disturbing disconnect from reality than Biden’s occasional gaffes.

Sunday, Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas previewed for Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo some of the politically motivated sham investigations Republicans plan to unleash on their enemies if they regain the majority. Top of the list is Dr. Anthony Fauci, an 81-year-old public servant who aptly described Marshall as a “moron.”

Then they moved to what Republicans assume is Biden’s obvious senility. Here’s the sickening video.

Before you go, you are a medical doctor. What can you say — and it pains me to bring this up, by the way — but we are all watching President Biden.

Yeah, this painful subject has her all choked up. It’s true that Marshall is a medical doctor, but as even a casual “Grey’s Anatomy” viewer could tell you, medicine is a broad field with many specialities. "Doc Marshall,” as his official Senate bio refers to him, was an obstetrician and a gynecologist. Joe Biden hasn’t been a baby for decades now and hasn’t given birth for even longer.

BARTIROMO: We’re all watching [Biden], you know, shuffle, mince words. What do you see as a medical doctor? Is there anything you want to say, in terms of perhaps considering a test once a year on mental capacity? What can you tell us as a medical doctor about the mental capacity of our commander in chief?

Republicans and their buddies in state media have a clear game plan for 2024: Keep smearing Biden as mentally incompetent with zero evidence. A few months ago, Nikki Haley suggested that politicians of a certain age should submit to regular cognitive tests, which is both ageist and unconstitutional.

REMEMBER?: Nikki Haley Says Gross Old Politicians Should Take Cognitive Test To Prove They’re Not Stupid Or Something

There is currently no law mandating that presidents issue public health disclosures. Republicans are shady AF about revealing their vaccination status, so it’s rich that they think Biden should let his political opponents get all up in his cerebellum. But, hey, if Biden sometimes has trouble keeping names straight, that’s obviously a sign of dementia. Bartiromo claimed that Biden’s deteriorating mental condition, which she’s made up, is a national security issue and Marshall agreed. We should note that Doc Marshall is not a neurologist and has never personally examined the president.

MARSHALL: I think we’re all concerned for President Biden’s mental health. I think that if you compare today’s films from some of the films even a year ago, you’ve seen a deterioration in his mental capacity

We are as qualified to diagnose Biden’s mental capacity as Roger Marshall, so we can confirm after a few minutes on YouTube that Biden seems just as cogent now as he did in 2020. Meanwhile, Marshall’s buddy Trump is sending out unhinged, all-caps rants that he’s not allowed to tweet.

Marshall added that “maybe we need to be proactive” and demand that Biden submit to an annual mental test. We all know Republicans wouldn’t accept the results if Biden passed. It’s the new Obama’s birth certificate.

MARSHALL: I think that may be something else that we’ll be looking on, that Rand Paul and I’ll be discussing, Jim Jordan again, seeing if we think that’s something that America deserves.

Democrats want to — at a minimum — protect voting rights, provide universal pre-K, and keep the planet from catching fire. Republicans want to regain the power so they can bully old men. They are truly comic-book villains

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