GOP So Mad House Candidate's 'Private Moments' Of Alleged Domestic Violence Brought Up

2020 Congressional Elections

Daniel Rodimer, AKA "Big Dan Rodman," is a former professional wrestler and current congressional hopeful, running as a Republican against incumbent Democrat Susie Lee to represent Nevada's third district.

Last week, the Associated Press reported the existence of two 911 calls placed in 2018 by Sarah Duffy, Rodimer's then-girlfriend and now-wife, alleging domestic violence and grand theft. The first call was for domestic violence, but when police came they decided that no real crime had been committed and that it had only been a verbal argument. "We did not want to embarrass them or make them any more upset," they wrote of the incident.

In the second call, Duffy said that, after he left five days prior, supposedly staying at a casino, he had broken into her home and stolen $200,000 in cash, guns and jewelry, and then sent her a picture of everything he'd stolen in order to brag about it. Police did not detain or arrest him in this incident either. In that call, Duffy referred to him as her ex-boyfriend.

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"I advised (Duffy) to give a 1 week 'cooling period' to see if male returns home and they can resolve this matter without police involvement as this is largely a civil matter," police wrote at the time.

These are not the only alleged incidents either.

[Rodimer] was accused of assault in three incidents in Florida from 2010 to 2013. In one case Rodimer pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor battery charge for a 2010 confrontation at a Waffle House and completed a six-week anger management course in exchange for the charge being dropped.

Records also show that in 2006 a neighbor called police to the wrestler's apartment in Dunedin. Rodimer and his girlfriend were arguing loudly over another man having called the girlfriend. Both Rodimer and his girlfriend told police the argument escalated and got loud but nothing physical occurred.

That one anger management course may not have done the trick.

After this became public last week, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chairwoman Cheri Bustos called on the National Republican Congressional Committee to disavow Rodimer, who does appear to be something of a ticking time bomb.

The NRCC did not take kindly to that, describing the incidents as "private moments" between a husband and wife.

Via CBS:

"Susie Lee must be incredibly desperate if she's begging reporters to write gossip columns about private moments between Dan and his wife where no charges were pressed and the Rodimers are still happily married with five young children and a sixth on the way," NRCC Spokeswoman Torunn Sinclair tells CBS News campaign reporter Alex Tin in a statement.

"Private moments." Couldn't you just? 911 calls are a matter of public record, so really, there could not be anything less private about them.

"Private moments" might be an appropriate way to describe things if the AP or Lee had outed Rodimer and his wife as a diaper fetishists or something like that. You know, something otherwise harmless but that might weird out some constituents. This was not that. It was also not a situation like Katie Porter's, where she was the victim of domestic violence and Republicans tried to use that against her.

This was a dangerous pattern of alleged criminal behavior and domestic violence, and frankly, if I were the NRCC, I would be thanking the AP for helpfully alerting us to this so that we did not later suffer the embarrassment of our candidate turning out to be Claus von B├╝low. This is likely why no one has put me in charge of the NRCC.

But hey, either they have a problem with it or they don't. They cannot say that they wouldn't disavow him for this behavior, because it's fine, and then get mad at Lee for letting constituents know that if they vote for him, that is who they'd be voting for. Pick a lane, I say.

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