GOP's Colorado 'Law And Order Candidate' Lauren Boebert Kind Of Bad At Law, Order

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GOP's Colorado 'Law And Order Candidate' Lauren Boebert Kind Of Bad At Law, Order

Lauren Boebert, the Republican nominee to represent Colorado's Third District in Congress, is something of a character. For one thing, she is the owner of Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado, which is pretty much just "Hooters but with guns." Like, sexy waitresses serve food with guns strapped to their legs so that customers can feel both turned on and politically validated while eating their chicken wings.

Boebert made a name for herself early on in the primary by praising QAnon as something that is "motivating and encouraging and bringing people together stronger," and then subsequently decrying it as "fake news" that she was a follower once she won the nomination.

Boebert is styling herself as a real "law and order candidate," which is not surprising given her whole Tessie Tura the Texas Gun Twirler gimmick. What is, however, surprising for a "law and order candidate" is her rap sheet. It's not anything particularly serious, three arrests and one court summons for mostly minor incidents — but it is a lot for a congressional candidate.

The first incident occurred in 2010, when Boebert started harassing some neighbors who called the police when her pit bulls got loose and went after their dogs. She sent a super sane-sounding text message to the wife reading, "You have taken food out of my children's mouths," after she was issued a ticket for dog code violations. She received a court summons for the harassment, but was never officially charged.

Boebert also had another arrest for disorderly conduct at a concert after telling underage drinkers to run away from police (so "law and order candidate"). She also tried to resist arrest, a thing conservatives keep arguing people deserve to get murdered by police for.

This culminated in a fine display of "don't you know who I am?"

Via the Denver Post:

Boebert was arrested twice in Mesa County in 2015. As first reported by Colorado Newsline, Boebert was detained on June 20, 2015, after a verbal altercation with police at Country Jam, a music festival near Grand Junction. Boebert, then 28 years old, allegedly shouted at people detained on suspicion of underage drinking, urging them to flee from police, which caused the young drinkers to become unruly.

While she was being handcuffed for disorderly conduct, Boebert tried to twist away from police, according to deputies' reports. She allegedly shouted that her arrest was unconstitutional, that "she had friends at Fox News and that the arrest would be national news." It did not become national news.

No, no it did not.

Boebert was released from custody and told to appear in court that August but missed her court date because, as she told a judge, she forgot what day of the week it was. "I am now aware today is Friday," she wrote on Aug. 28, 2015, hours after she was supposed to be in court.

This would not be Boebert's last time missing court. She missed the rescheduled court date and was arrested for failing to appear. She would again be arrested for failing to appear in court when, in the summer of 2016, she "was charged with careless driving and operating an unsafe vehicle after rolling her truck into a Garfield County ditch." She should listen to Rebecca's mom, who always says: Do NOT fail to appear!

While Boebert is clearly not a criminal mastermind of any kind, one might expect that a "law and order candidate" would have enough respect for the law to show up for court, or have enough respect for police to not "Do you know who I am?" them while resisting arrest.

Boebert's Democratic opponent, Diane Mitsch Bush, believes her behavior renders her a hypocrite:

Mitsch Bush has criticized Boebert's petty crimes, calling her behavior at Country Jam "disrespectful antics" that showed contempt for police and the rule of law.

"Lauren Boebert's hypocrisy is clear — she thinks the law doesn't apply to her," said Ashley Quenneville, Mitsch Bush's campaign manager. "If Boebert can't follow basic laws, how can Coloradans trust her to represent them with integrity as a member of Congress?"

Colorado's Third District leans Republican, so it's likely that Boebert may be headed to Washington. But, on the bright side, the likelihood of her actually showing up to any votes seems practically nil.

[Denver Post]

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