Gov. Scott Walker: Ultrasounds Are So Hella Cool They Should Be MANDATORY

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker does not understand why you libtards do not like the nice anti-abortion bill he signed in 2013. Recently, a federal judge smacked part of it down, saying that requiring abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital is "unconstitutional," like as if. Walker told wingnut radio host Dana Loesch he doesn't understand why everybody isn't excited about a different part of his totally baller law, the part that forces ladies who want abortions to have ultrasounds and hear descriptions of the fetus. (It looks like a fetus!) Why? Because ultrasounds are totally cool, bro:

“The thing about that, the media tried to make that sound like that was a crazy idea. Most people I talked to, whether they’re pro-life or not, I find people all the time that get out their iPhone and show me a picture of their grandkids’ ultrasound and how excited they are, so that’s a lovely thing. I think about my sons are 19 and 20, we still have their first ultrasounds. It’s just a cool thing out there.”

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Right, Scott Walker, those dumb ladies shouldn't just WANT ultrasounds, they should be hella stoked because they GET TO have ultrasounds, because they are so rad. Let's see if we can use our noodles to discern the difference between what Walker is talking about and reality:

Cool: Ultrasounds, when you want to be pregnant and have a baby. Look at the widdle feetsies!

Not cool: When you do not want to carry a pregnancy to term, and the governor of Wisconsin is forcing you to stare at your fetus on an ultrasound machine, because he thinks you are stupid and that if you see the fetus, you will obviously change your mind about having an abortion.

In a rare moment of candor, Walker does admit that the law is intended to make ladies change their minds, saying, “We just knew if we signed that law, if we provided the information that more people if they saw that unborn child would make a decision to protect and keep the life of that unborn child." We guess that just adds to the coolness factor of ultrasounds, how they magically change ladies' brain thoughts.

Of course, Scott Walker may not be a very good judge of what is and what is not cool. For context, he's also totally into "right to work" laws that actually take rights away from workers, beating his chest about how his experience fucking the workers of Wisconsin has prepared him to defeat ISIS and Russia with his bare hands, and refusing to answer questions about evolution. What a dork.

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For the record, here is one more Cool/Not Cool comparison, and also something that is super lame:

Cool: Women having all the resources they need to make informed decisions about their pregnancies, even if that includes abortion, which is LEGAL IN THE UNITED STATES.

Not cool, bro: Scott Walker and all these other Republican men who can't seem to get their legislation out of ladies' grills, and by "grills" we mean "vaginas."

Also totally lame: Scott Walker's FACE. That's right. Gonna need some ice for that SICK BURN.

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