Government-Secret Celebutante Julian Assange Poses For Weird X-Mas Photos


Here is a super cool action-shot of Julian Assange jumping over a fence at the Tower of London after feeding some cornish hens, or whatever, for some reason. Yes, Julian Assange has nothing better to do than pose for some cute photos in a Santa costume for Newsweek while celebrating the birth of the original hater of secrets, the Baby Jesus, at the ol' rape mansion. At least he's having fun with this rape thing! You've got to.

Here's to this guy not leaking items in the new year that completely ruin every single thing the State Department is trying to do. And to our government wising up to the new world and ceasing doing a whole bunch of bad things it wouldn't do if it knew we might find out about it. [Newsweek via Gawker]


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