Greg Abbott Does Not Wish To Amend Weird Thing He Said About Eliminating All Future Rapists

Among the MANY INSANE THINGS about the anti-abortion bill Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott signed is that it doesn't even include perfunctory exceptions for rape and incest, which conservatives often add to make it look like they're not complete monsters. Abbott, when asked about this days after law went into effect, said it didn't matter because they would just stop all the future rapes by arresting all the future rapists:

That was then.

On "Fox News Sunday" this weekend, host Chris Wallace, after giving Abbott a platform to spew hatred against immigrants and asylum seekers, in the guise of "border protection," asked about the Texas abortion ban. He specifically asked Abbott about his stated intention to prevent all the future rapes, in what we can only assume was an attempt to give Abbott a chance to make himself look a little bit less insane.

It did not work.

WALLACE: You signed a law in May that bans abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, around six weeks. And there is no exception and that law for either rape or incest. [...] Now, in 2019, which is the last year that we have numbers for, almost 15,000 cases of rape were reported in your state of Texas, and almost everyone says that that's a severe undercount, there are a lot more cases that just aren't reported. Is it reasonable to say to somebody who is the victim of rape and might not understand that they are pregnant, you know, until six weeks, well, don't worry about it because we're going to eliminate rape as a problem in the state of Texas?

After saying some disingenuous "thoughts and prayers"-type things about victims of rape and incest, Abbott mostly ignored the question. Wallace tried again, but Abbott made clear the real intent of the law:

WALLACE: Let me just ask this question, a state representative, Republican state representative is -- says that he's going to offer a new measure that would restore the exception to the Texas abortion law for victims of rape and incest. If that came to your desk, will you sign it or not?

ABBOTT: Well, we've got to go back, Chris, to what the reason was why the law was passed in the first place. And the goal is to protect the lives of every child with a heartbeat. And so we're -- we're working to achieve that goal.

WALLACE: Including -- including a child -- including --

ABBOTT: Chris -- I -- I got to point this out, Chris, and that is what this -- this --

WALLACE: Including a child of a rape -- of a rape?

ABBOTT: This -- this goal is consistent with what the United States Supreme Court has written, and that is states have the ability to make sure that we protect the health and safety of both the mother and the child. And that's what we are seeking to do here.

Well then.

So Chris Wallace gave Abbott a THIRD chance, and in response Abbott TRIPLED down.

WALLACE: But so just -- just to lock this down, are you saying, sir -- I don't mean to interrupt, but are you saying that you will not sign an exception for rape and incest?

ABBOTT: Well, first, I've got to tell you, Chris, you're -- you're making a hypothetical that is not going to happen because that bill is not going to reach my desk. But, second, again, the goal is to protect the life of every child with a heartbeat.

One thing's clear: Texas Republicans love unborn fetuses -- allegedly -- but they sure don't seem to give any sort of fucks about pregnant people or children. Texas has the eighth highest maternal mortality rate in the United States, in a country that already has the worst maternal mortality rate of any developed country.

But what about the fetuses Texas "saves"? Well, Texas has the highest raw number of children in poverty and the 12th highest child poverty rate (19.2 percent) in the nation. Its overall poverty rate (13.6 percent) is number 11, and it comes in ninth when it comes to families with annuals incomes below $10,000 (3.9 percent). Those children who survive the Texas Hunger Games are "treated" to the best 34th in education Texas can provide. If they reach adulthood, their voting rights have a pretty good chance of being suppressed! What a "cherished" life that Texas has to offer!

Have a damn week.

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