Guy Posing With Goya Beans Somehow Losing To Joe Biden By Double Digits, Huh


A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows former Vice President Joe Biden expanding his lead over President Pandemic. With just three and a half months remaining for more people to die from Donald Trump's bungling, 51 percent of voters said they would vote for Biden, who speaks in sentences. Forty percent of voters are still ride or die with Trump, but they also are more likely to not wear masks and attend COVID-19 parties so they're really leaning into the “die" part, which could impact turnout.

Trump's job approval has sunk to 42 percent, a low not seen since April 2018, just prior to the Blue Wave that helped congressional Republicans “Find Something New." A majority of voters — 54 percent — still prefer Trump on the economy, but that's not their number one priority. Voters are most concerned about COVID-19 and Trump has nothing to offer but tax cuts, Confederate statue preservation, and suggestions for bleaching away the virus.


Trump is also struggling with seniors, a demo that normally votes for Republicans in big numbers while shaking their fists at rap music. That's a down-ballot death knell for GOP candidates.

Quinnipiac University released the hounds on Trump with a poll that showed Biden stomping the president by 15 points. (It's 52-37.) Biden was ahead “only" eight points a month ago. Biden's lead has grown to 17 points among independents. He's up 28 points on addressing racial inequality and 24 points on managing the COVID-19 outbreak. Voters prefer him by 19 points when it comes to handling a crisis. Quinnipiac even has Biden up five points on the economy, which makes sense because economic activity is known to stall when everyone's dead.

However, the poll didn't didn't survey voters on which candidate they believe is best equipped to pitch Goya beans, so the results are inconclusive.

From the Wall Street Journal:

"President Trump has hit the trifecta in the misery market. The three key indicators—job rating, personal feelings, attitudes on re-election—are all deeply submerged underwater," [Democratic pollster Peter] Hart said. "They represent the best measure of the standing and political strength of an incumbent president."

These are stunning numbers that an incumbent has only recently seen in 1968 (Lyndon B. Johnson) and 1980 (Jimmy Carter). It didn't end well for either president. It's not much of a surprise, though, when you consider how fundamentally wrong Trump has been on everything. He's pushed to reopen the economy when most voters would rather stay alive. He's wrapped himself in the Confederate flag during a national reckoning on race. When Mitt Romney attends a Black Lives Matter march, a wise president might pay attention.

But Trump isn't wise. He's dumb as shit that got left back in the first grade. He can't course correct because he refuses to believe he's on the wrong course. He insists the jazz funeral of polls showing him losing badly are all “fake," because the "fake poll" industry is real and thriving even during a recession.

The other day, he rambled on about how he couldn't possibly lose because he still dominated the “rich assholes with boats" demographic.

A CNBC/Change Research poll has Biden up seven points over Trump in Florida. They must've forgotten to count the boats. A Monmouth University Poll has Biden beating Trump by 13 points among registered voters. When adjusted for likely voters in a high turnout election, it's still a 10-point TKO. Trump is toast even with low turnout: Biden's up seven points. This isn't that crazy. Barack Obama beat John McCain by 10 points. Obama's margin narrowed to about five points in 2012 but he generally performed much weaker among white and older voters than Biden is.

Perpetually wrong pundit Hugh Hewitt, who actually thinks voters' number one issue in November is going to be China, dismissed this voodoo data on MSNBC last night. He sticks with his gut, and his gut says he "grew up seven miles from Pennsylvania." I'm guessing he didn't spend much time in West Philly. (Peggy Noonan predicted an Obama loss in 2012 — damn the polls — because of the number of Romney yard signs she'd seen.)

These polls clearly reflect an electorate coping with double-digit unemployment, an unchecked pandemic, and a president with no constructive solutions for either.

Trump might be slowly waking up to reality. Last night, he sent a break-up text over Twitter to his campaign manager Brad Parscale, who wasn't able to make Trump less repulsive than whatever was growing on his neck. We'll laugh derisively at him in a separate post.

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