Great GOP Hope Marco Rubio: Let’s Just Go Ahead and Let Rich People Do Whatever

Great GOP Hope Marco Rubio: Let’s Just Go Ahead and Let Rich People Do Whatever

Marco Rubio, who we have been told is the New Face of the Republican party, has a brilliant take on solving the so-called fiscal cliff: let's just go ahead and let rich people do whatever they want because they'll hire a  bunch of lawyers and do what they want no matter what so we might as well go with it.

This, dear reader, is his actual policy position on the tax code:

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said Thursday there isn't much point in raising tax rates on the wealthy, because they also have the money to hire people who will help them get out of paying taxes.

"The billionaires and millionaires that are going to be impacted by higher rates, they can afford to hire the best lawyers, lobbyists and accountants in America to figure out how not to pay those higher rates," Rubio told National Journal’s Major Garrett at The Atlantic Washington Ideas Forum. "The people that are going to get stuck by that bill are the small businesses, the partnerships, the S corporations, that cannot hire the lawyers to get them out of it."

We're not Senators from Florida or anything, but it seems to us that this is a problem worth addressing given that the rule of law is the pillar of a functioning nation state. Or, we dunno, maybe we should just say fuck it and raise the age of retirement, which ever is easier.

As for the fiscal cliff, Rubio said an agreement must be made, likely without broader entitlement reform because there is simply not enough time.The sequester was a dumb idea when they came up with it and it's a dumber idea today," he said. "And it was bipartisan dumb. So the people want bipartisanship, there you have it."

So to sum, Personal Responsibility is for Poors who don't have fancy lawyers or lobbyists. Also, rich people do whatever they want anyway so you should probably just get used to the fact that you'll be working til you die. Shared Sacrifice and whatnot.



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