Anti-Vaxxers Denied Opportunity To Find True Love Among The Equally Deluded

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Anti-Vaxxers Denied Opportunity To Find True Love Among The Equally Deluded

Bad news for people who were hoping for a little romance before dying of COVID: the Apple store gave the boot to anti-vaxx dating app "Unjected" this weekend.

The app, which users on the Google Play site have described as "useless," "painfully glitchy," "terrible," and "cold dogshit" -- and that's from people who agree with their mission! -- first came out in May of this year. While the "Tinder for anti-vaxxers" debuted as a dating site, it also promotes businesses where one can easily catch COVID-19, a social feed and "a database where users can list their blood types."

It's not clear if that last one is some kind of anti-vaxxer "thing" or if they just recognize that their behavior may lead to a need for a blood transfusion at some point, as "spontaneous bleeding" is an occasional complication of COVID.

On their since-deleted Instagram page, the founders claimed Apple hated them for sharing their "medical autonomy" and "freedom of choice," though it is just as likely that they hated them because they were beautiful.

Apple says Unjected was kicked off because its "social networking app inappropriately refers to the COVID-19 pandemic in its concept or theme." Apple requires all information about COVID-19 come from "recognized entities such as government organizations, health-focused NGOs, companies deeply credentialed in health issues, and medical or educational institutions." So, you know, not your kooky, Q-obsessed uncle who thinks the vaccine is a ploy to give everyone the mark of the beast.

The app is still on Google Play, however Unjected has been given a deadline to get rid of some of its more objectionable bullshit.

Via Bloomberg:

In emails to Unjected, Google flagged posts that included claims of vaccines being "experimental mRNA gene modifiers," "bioweapons" and "nano-technology microchips" used to link people to the 5G network.

Google told Unjected on July 16 it had two weeks to remove the posts from its app store or get booted off. "We've had to walk a censorship tightrope," co-founder Shelby Thomson said. Unjected removed the social feed to get back in compliance on Google Play but Thomson said she plans to restore it, along with the flagged posts, and hopes to "stay under the radar."

Other features on the app that remain active include matches, chat rooms, a community directory of "unvaxxed friendly" businesses and a database where users can list their blood types. "We're not trying to be harmful to society," said Thomson. "We just want to exercise our freedom of choice."

Except by doing that, you are harming society. I am a big fan of "freedom of choice," but there are lots of ways one can make choices that harm society. Especially choices that kill people. If I choose to stab someone in the face, that choice harms society. Or at least that person.

A very dramatic statement on the app's Google Play page reads:

We believe in true science & the scientific method. Observation has shown the science isn't settled. Covid19 vaccines are shedding dangerous spike proteins. [sorry, not a thing -- Ed.]

Those who have chosen not to be apart [sic] of the trials have documented adverse events after being exposed to the Vaccinated. [Because it's obviously not possible to just make shit up -- Ed.]. The long term health consequences are still unknown.

Created by 2 mothers. We believe in the power of the silent majority and want to ensure a platform, a safe space for the unvaccinated to come together uncensored through business, friendship or love.

We dedicate ourselves to health, kindness and consciousness. Medical Freedoms are an inalienable right. But here, we are seeking the likeminded, the covid unvaccinated.

This is going to be the most misogynistic-sounding thing I've ever said, but practically every non-parenting related thing I've ever heard described as "created by moms" has been some kind of bullshit. There's not really a scenario where being a mom gives you special expertise on things that have nothing to do with being a mom, and usually it comes across as a bulwark against criticism. Like "If you say mean things about our stupid anti-vaxx app, you're basically saying moms are bad and you hate all the mothers."

While it's good that the app is no longer spreading misinformation, that misinformation is still widely available, mostly because it comes directly from the imaginations of the kinds of people who would sign up for that app in the first place. Alas, an unfortunate side effect of getting rid of it is that these "unjected" people will be trying to inject themselves into the normal dating pool. Hopefully someone comes up with a way for them to keep to themselves without spreading any misinformation on an app. Surely they can all take it as a given that they all basically believe the same stupid shit.

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