Guess Who Else Wants To Fuck The Russia Investigation On The DL?

Obstruction of Justice is a many-splendored thing! Sometimes it takes the form of a demented old lunatic dump-tweeting orders to his attorney general to shut down a lawful criminal investigation. Sometimes it's an alleged cowfucking congressman leaking classified documents to his pals at Fox News. And sometimes it involves Treasury Department officials slow-walking document requests and refusing to supply forensic accountants to help Senate investigators decipher evidence in the Russia investigation. Obstruction -- YOU'RE SOAKING IN IT!

Buzzfeed has a new story about Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin's underlings thinking up new ways to throw sand in the gears of the Senate Intelligence Committee's Russian ratfucking investigation. Devin Nunes has turned HPSCI into a three-ring circus, and Chuck Grassley is using the Senate Judiciary Committee to trash the FBI. The only functional oversight is taking place under Richard Burr and Mark Warner at Senate Intel -- so naturally that's the one Treasury is going to stab in its sleep.

Treasury has at times been reluctant to cooperate with the committee's requests for sensitive financial documents that are significant to the Russia probe, at one point going at least four months without responding to one of the committee's requests.

Last year, Treasury rejected the committee's request for help from one of its experts, even as Treasury officials have speculated — behind closed doors — that the Senate committee would not be able to follow the twisting financial trail laid out in the documents they had turned over, a path that often passes through offshore shell companies or untraceable cash transactions.

Weird how Rod Rosenstein takes a month to redact thousands of pages of privileged documents, and the House Treason Caucus is raring to impeach him. Meanwhile, Mnuchin tells the Senate to get fucked, and it's NBD. If the committee can't piece together reams of complex financial documents themselves -- some of which are probably in Russian -- well, that's not the Secretary's fault, now, is it?

[U]nlike Mueller's team — which is stacked with attorneys from various fields and whose probe has already led to 35 indictments and guilty pleas — the Senate committee is short on financial experts, limiting its ability to follow the money. The seven core staff members are assisted by two staff directors and two lawyers, the source said, and their expertise lies mostly in national security rather than finance.

Seemingly aware of its own limitations, the committee made its doomed request for Treasury to send an expert to help analyze the documents. That request was shot down last year, FinCEN sources told BuzzFeed News, because Treasury did not want to be seen as playing a part in the committee's investigation.

Yeah, wouldn't want to piss off the Tweeter-In-Chief by complying with a Congressional investigation. Not when there's tax cuts to ram through!

Committee Chair Richard Burr insists that this is all fine, and Treasury has given them everything they've asked for. But FinCEN says otherwise.

Despite committee chairman Richard Burr's insistence to BuzzFeed News that the panel has received "every financial document" it has requested from Treasury, sources inside FinCEN told BuzzFeed News that they were initially instructed not to hand over financial documents on certain individuals. The directive, these sources said, came from senior Treasury officials in the general counsel's office. To this day, FinCEN sources insist not all of the records requested by the committee have been turned over.

And Republican senators would NEVER lie or politicize evidence, right? Perish the very thought!

Hey, guess what happens if we take back the House and or Senate this fall! We get to replace FUCKIN' DEVIN and DEER DEAD CHUCK and mediocre Richard Burr and do some real, fucking oversight!

If your vote didn't matter, they wouldn't be trying to take it away from you!

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Liz Dye

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