Gun-Loving Georgia House Passes Defense Of Gun Love Act


Hello, lover. Have you sometimes felt outcast for your love? Do others not understand you, do they think your love is somehow "wrong" or "immoral"? Has your state or city passed laws restricting your love, or banning its open expression? Yes?

Well, come to Georgia, baby. We know how you feel, and we're open and welcoming to your love and your loved ones. We, too, enjoy grasping a smooth, hard cylinder, sliding it into a well-oiled orifice, and anticipating the shock of discharge ... oh, we better slow down. Gettin' steamy in here.

You know what we're talking about. We're talking about guns, yeah.

Georgia won't make you keep your love in the closet, not if the state Senate OKs a bill the House passed Tuesday. The bill, which passed by a mainly partisan, 119-56 lover-vs.-hater margin, would make Georgia's already laid-back concealed weapons laws even chiller.

Georgia concealed-weapon permit holders already don't have to have any sort of training or safety education, because love must be free, man. But they are currently oppressed by judgmental restrictions, and are unable to legally bring their loved ones into bars, churches, schools and government buildings. The new bill would end or reduce those apartheid laws, as well as adding other gun-friendly provisions. Your gun shows up on an X-ray at the airport? No harm, no foul, man, if you've got a permit. Standing your ground? We're beefing up that vital citizen protection.

Sure, those #Glockblockers in the state Senate declined to go along last year when the House passed similar changes to the law. But Georgia isn't the same old prudish place it once was, where concealed weapons could be carried hardly anywhere. Today, we're breaking down the last few barriers standing between you and your lifestyle.

Make Georgia the place you spend the rest of your life.



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