Gun Show At Cow Palace Draws Patriots Ready To Fight 'Revolution'


Good news, Californians, because tens of thousands of people showed up at a Daly City gun show this weekend so they could prepare for the "revolution." When is the revolution, what are we revolting against, and how will guns help us defend ourselves against, say, Apache helicopters, tanks, pepper spray, and LRAD cannons? Shut up, Commie, not important, and how dare you question these patriots who are here fighting for your Freedom to overthrow democratically elected officials?

So here we have the news lady setting the scene in her best News Voice, letting us know that lines were out the door at this gun show and most people said they were there in case the government took away their guns. Is there evidence that the government is taking away their guns, or wants to take away their guns? No, there is not, but whatever. Also too, if the government were going to take away their guns, wouldn't the guns at the gun show be subject to confiscation, making this a gigantic waste of money? Probably, but no one asked us, so presumably this is not a concern for anyone.

Then we cut to a reporter at the Cow Palace (ha!) where 10,000 people showed up to buy guns (without background checks, isn't that comforting), including some guy who informs viewers that he CANNOT BELIEVE the number of people and cars! He CANNOT BELIEVE IT! Who is he, and why is this important? We don't know, cut to pictures of people in line, all of them men, and most of them white (this too passes without commentary, but it is the local news so what did we expect).

Back to Some Guy, who is a "gun owner" telling us that Obama wants to take our guns away, so people are down here "buying ammo, buying guns, getting ready for the next revolution." Then he starts laughing. Is he laughing AT the gun owners, or is he cackling with glee about the oncoming revolution? This is also unclear.

Anyway, next up: another white guy, this one the president of a gun rights group and an organizer of the gun show, who thinks that the administration is just having meetings about gun restrictions "for show" but nonetheless expects to sell all of his ammo.

Are you comforted, Californians, that all these men are taking up arms to fight in the revolution? Of course you are, guns don't kill people, people kill people, using guns and lots of ammunition.

[ABC7, via RawStory]


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