Guys, Please Don't Murder James O'Keefe

Guys, Please Don't Murder James O'Keefe

Raging garbage fire James O’Keefe has released another one of his fake videos, one that promises to be his most dangerous project yet, according to O’Keefe himself. Will he once again risk getting shot by the Border Patrol as he wades across a drainage ditch dressed in a thrown-together-at-the-last-minute Halloween costume? Cross Lake Erie from Canada into Cleveland with a bag of radioactive doughnuts from Tim Horton’s? What feats of derring-do will this intrepid daredevil undertake to get to the truth?

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Turns out this is O’Keefe’s bravest expose of all: Sending other “reporters” out to record black people talking shit about Al Sharpton. Sweet “journalism,” dude.

O’Keefe bills his little film school project as an “investigation,” but it’s really not. An investigation of Sharpton and his organization National Action Network would involve digging up actual facts. O’Keefe starts with the premise that Sharpton is a two-bit huckster, cuts together some secretly recorded video of black people who know him saying uncomplimentary things to back up the thesis, and gets himself a story on the front page of the New York Post.

Somewhere, Edward R. Murrow just downed a bleach cocktail and found himself disappointed that, already being dead, he could not bring on sweet, sweet oblivion.

Because what has O’Keefe proved here? That even when the cause is a righteous one, the combination of inflamed emotions and lots of money will have the most well-intentioned people sniping at each other over the dispensation of the cash and the focus of the campaign? Welcome to adulthood, you twerp.

We can’t even find the energy to be enraged by O’Keefe this time. Not even with the whole shtick where he claims his life might be in danger. Hmmm, what’s different about the people he’s investigating this go-round as opposed to some of his past subjects?

Poor James, known mob boss Al Sharpton might wipe him off the face of the Earth before he has ever kissed a girl.

In conclusion, James O’Keefe is still terrible and will still get donations from wingnuts to keep producing this swill. And so it goes.

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