Dick Cheney Doesn't Think Obama Lets Detainees Be Questioned At All


Robotnik livesIn a moment of weakness last week, Dick Cheney, whose human form is still somehow able to emit sulfurous breaths of scorn despite not having a pulse for the better part of a year, said something nice about Barack Obama after the dirty socialist captured and killed Osama bin Laden. But by the time Cheney got to his appearance on Fox News Sunday on Fox News Sunday (it airs Sundays, on Fox News), the gothic torture-loving character from a Tim Burton film was back to his old ways. "It’s not clear to me today if we still have an interrogation program to put someone through," he said, showing off his classic elder-statesman decorum.

Yes, does the guy who OVERSAW THE KILLING OF OSAMA BIN LADEN even let people question terrorists at all, or does he bake the evil-doers cookies, paint his toenails with them, and talk about his boy problems?

Cheney said the Obama administration should be willing to use waterboarding and other enhanced techniques.

Oh, isn't that cute, the guy who had over 7 years to torture his way to bin Laden but failed is lecturing the guy who did find him on how to deal with terrorism. We've often said the only thing keeping Cheney alive is the pure hatred that runs through his veins. It would appear you can add to that list naked spite and the unquenched desire to torture more human beings and feed off their mortal agony. Usual vice president stuff.

On a lighter note, Cheney said his health has improved since last year when he was diagnosed with “end-stage heart failure” and fitted with a battery powered device that helps his heart function.

He said hasn’t decided whether to seek a heart transplant, offering a rather political answer to a medical question: “I’m not prepared to make any medical announcements.”

He's a coy one! But yes, that stockpile of preserved Iraqi children's hearts he keeps in the garage is working out just fine. [Politico]


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