Hannity Has Message About Americans Trapped In Afghanistan And It Is MMMMMMMM, MyPillow!

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Hannity Has Message About Americans Trapped In Afghanistan And It Is MMMMMMMM, MyPillow!

Sean Hannity is having the oddest bit of -- is the word "fun"? Yes, it seems like he's trying to have "fun" with the debacle of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Bringing a little bizarre levity to the devastation! Because that's what we need right now.

He seems to be doing this with his promos for his sponsors on his afternoon radio show. For instance, the other day, he literally said with his mouth, "There is a stampede, not only out of Afghanistan, but a stampede away from high prices, overpriced service from the big carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile. The average family making the switch to PureTalk." That's right, it's not just a stampede out of Afghanistan, it's a stampede to low prices for cell phones! All he's missing is a green screen and scenes of a depressing used car lot. We feel like he should be wearing a cowboy hat probably?

Tuesday, he did it again. This time it was even weirder and also grosser. Are you the family member of an American trapped in Afghanistan who can't get to the airport in Kabul and probably the Taliban is going to kill them? Freaked out about that and losing sleep? Know what'll get your ZZZZZZ's back on track? MyPillow! Just kidding, MyPillow probably won't even help, but anyway, let's talk about MyPillow!

No really, he said all this:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): How would you like to be in Kabul today, as an American, and you can't get to the airport? Where are you thinking your life is headed? If you're one of those family members, I bet you're not sleeping. I don't even think My Pillow can do it. MyPillow.com. That's where I go. I fall asleep faster, I stay asleep longer. These are going to be a lot of sleepless nights for so many of our fellow Americans. We've got to get them home.

Just ... what the fucking ... WHY? Who is he playing to here? Who is he amusing? We get that he's Sean Hannity so he's a garbage human, but we don't even understand his point. Is he just really stickin' it to Americans whose family members might get murdered by the Taliban? Was that on the "own the libs" list this week or something?

As the Daily Beast notes, Hannity has had other disingenuous things to say about the Afghanistan debacle. And then, when it's time for a sponsor segue, he does ... this weird thing. Of course, the Beast and others are also noting that this latest MyPillow plug is kinda funny, considering how two seconds ago the MyPillow Guy was having a conniption and hurling blame because Hannity and Laura Ingraham aren't giving any time to his weirdobonkers election fraud conspiracy theories. Take that, Mike Lindell! Hannity just said your shit pillows won't even help people worried about their family getting murdered by the Taliban!

In summary and in conclusion, Sean Hannity is a disturbed and sad little man, and when Stephen Colbert reported on this, he referred to Hannity as a "dead-eyed Lego man" and we are just mad we didn't come up with that first, the end.

[Media Matters]

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