Happy Birthday Michelle Obama We Made You A Pome


Today is Michelle Obama's 49th birthday! To celebrate, she got herself anew haircut, and a new Twitter account! As HuffPo notes,

The handle @MichelleObama has existed for a while now, but it is run by staff members of the Obama 2012 campaign, not by Obama herself. @FLOTUS, in contrast, is "run by the Office of First Lady Michelle Obama," according to its description. On both account, tweets written by Obama herself are signed "-mo."

So far, @FLOTUS is only following 15 other accounts, but maybe she'll add @Wonkette, or dare we even think it, @doktorzoom. But we bet she will if we write her a birthday pome:

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

we think your arms are awesome

Please don't crush us to death with your magnificent toned body!

OK, actually, we can think of many far worse ways to go.

We also bet that the Wonkettariat can come up with much better birthday doggerel, especially those of you who do not have brains running on cold pills.

[Twitter / Huffpo]

Check out Wonkette on Facebook and Twitter and even on Tumblr. And if you are a sexy First Lady who has creative uses for kale (or even if you're not), Doktor Zoom is on Twitter, also, too.

Doktor Zoom

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