Kochblockers unite! We realize it is no longer actually News news to watch a crowd of angry voters shout at Scott Walker wherever he goes, but what else has there been in the headlines today? Hm, let's see, jobs numbers remind us of having thirty instead of thirty-two dull forks stabbed into our eyeballs, and everyone's snot-filled tears over the credit rating were in vain, since Standard & Poors reportedly plans to downgrade the U.S. rating anyway. Oh well, screw that noise for a couple minutes.  Here are a bunch of Wisconsin State Fair attendees crashing the opening ceremony to drown out Scott Walker's miserable inane speech with their gladiator chants. What is wrong with these people, Scott Walker?


"Eight hundred thousand people are going to be here this week, and that handful of people will not distract the majority. People from around the state and around the Midwest are going to come and have a fun time," Walker said.

There was a also a strong showing of Walker supporters in the crowd, but they appeared outnumbered and outshouted by the anti-Walker protesters.

The governor has become accustomed to seeing protesters but questioned why people would do that at the fair. "It's one of those things people have a right to do. Most people come to the fair, and they set aside politics and business and just have a good time," Walker said.

Enjoy. [YouTube/ WISN.com]

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