Happy Friday, The President Is A Traitor Again

It's unique and fun that on the very day Donald Trump is yet again embarrassing us by publicly coiling in a water moccasin's embrace with his one true love Vladimir Putin, former president Jimmy Carter said this publicly at an event:

CARTER: There's no doubt that Russia did interfere in the election, and I think the interference, although not yet quantified, if fully investigated, would show that Trump didn't actually win the election in 2016. He lost the election and he was put in office because the Russians interfered on his behalf."

Trump lost the popular vote by an embarrassing margin, yet squeaked out wins by handfuls of thousands in three Rust Belt states, which according to the Mueller Report just so happen to be three states about which imprisoned Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort discussed strategy with a Russian spy, right before giving that spy internal polling data on those very same states! You know, for some reason. And Carter isn't wrong that it hasn't been "fully investigated." Robert Mueller acknowledged in his report the limitations of his investigation, specifically regarding Manafort deleting and concealing his communications.

The moderator, presidential historian Jon Meacham, asked, "Do you believe President Trump is an illegitimate president?"

CARTER: Based on what I just said, which I can't retract.

And everybody laughed and laughed, because treason. (Yeah yeah, we know not technically since we haven't technically declared war on Russia. Though they sure have declared war on us. So there's that.)

So on that note, here is Donald Trump at the G20, just giggling with Putin as he mugged for the camera and, in response to a reporter's question, telling Putin, "DON'T MEDDLE IN THE ELECTION." He was very serious, mister! Wink wink nudge nudge, HEY WHY IS PUTIN GRINNING?

Everything's cool. Trump was definitely very tough with Putin right there, with his tiny fingers crossed behind his voluminous muffin top, and America is saved. And don't you worry your little heads about election security because the GOP has that under control, by voting against it or refusing to bring it up for a vote at all. IT'S FINE.

Elsewhere during Trump and Putin's love chat -- at least the part that happened in front of reporters -- Trump told Putin that we should "get rid of" journalists and that "fake news is a great term, isn't it," while jealously noting that Russia doesn't "have this problem." The Washington Postreports that Putin said actually they do have this problem, but we guess he left unspoken the part about how when journalists report the truth in Russia, he has this nasty little habit of having them poisoned. The Post further reports that Russian state-owned media says Trump is VERY excited about visiting Moscow next year. Maybe he can make a(nother) pee tape while he's there!

"We look forward to spending some very good time together," Trump said after the two sat down next to one another, flanked by their aides. "A lot of positive things are going to come out of the relationship."

Uh huh we bet.

Hey Bill Barr, how's that counter-intel investigation into whether Trump is a literal actual Russian intelligence asset going, you know, the one that was farmed out from the Mueller investigation? You gonna let Adam Schiff get briefed on that anytime soon, since there's so much evidence that yes, Trump is a literal actual Russian intelligence asset? We are just curious.

The two gentlemen met for 90 minutes, we hear. Was Trump prepared? PFFFFFFFFT. When Rex Tillerson testified for the House Foreign Affairs Committee last month -- more on that later this afternoon! -- he told them that Trump was way outmatched by Putin in terms of preparation for the meetings he was privy to. And what did they say behind closed doors, amongst the rose petals and the silk sheets and the spilled borscht? We don't know and probably won't know, because as Trump was leaving America and going home to the motherland, he said it was none of our business. Maybe Trump told him which states his campaign would like to steal in 2020, like maybe New Mexico, as his nevernude-looking neckbeard campaign guy Brad Parscale suggested recently. (Parscale did not say OUT LOUD that they want to steal New Mexico. He just said that the campaign really thinks it could make some RUSSIA IF YOU'RE LISTENING inroads there.)

Oh we are just teasing. Trump told Putin not to meddle! And Putin has told Trump before that he didn't meddle in 2016, and Trump accepts that answer, because as Kamala Harris noted last night, he takes the word of Putin and Kim Jong Un over the words of our intelligence community, because he is not an American president.

But again, it's NOT OUR BUSINESS what they talked about, because we don't imagine President KGB takes too kindly to his assets sharing their private conversations with the whole class.

In summary and in conclusion, the president is a traitor, goodbye.

[Washington Post]

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