Very Serious Full Of Sh*t Liar Harris Faulkner Can Not BELIEVE Joe Biden Laughing At Dead Fentanyl Victims!

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Very Serious Full Of Sh*t Liar Harris Faulkner Can Not BELIEVE Joe Biden Laughing At Dead Fentanyl Victims!

Know how Fox News knowingly lies to and manipulates its viewers? Yeah.

Know how Harris Faulkner is just one of the most breathtaking full-of-shit liars of them all? The contempt she wears on her face for the viewers without whom she couldn't even pretend she has a career in journalism? Yeah.

Here is Harris Faulkner on Fox News today lying to her viewers and pretending to be appalled that Joe Biden laughed at two boys who died of fentanyl. You should know that Faulkner was pretending like her voice was breaking, speaking very softly and gently, like she was a person with a soul who cares, instead of just spewing propaganda. Her gentle demeanor had what we assume was the desired effect of making the mother of those boys cry harder for the cameras.

“You know what is remarkable about all of this, and I don’t mean in a good way, is how the president of the United States responded to your testimony that millions of people across the country with our hearts, with our spirits, who were right there with you, I don’t know what he watched, but President Biden for a moment discussed your family’s tragedy this way,” Faulkner said, adding, “Let’s watch.”

“She was very specific recently saying that a mom, a poor mother who lost two kids to fentanyl, that that I killed her sons. Well, the interesting thing is that fentanyl they took came during the last administration,” Biden said and then laughed.

Wait, who is "she" that Biden is referring to? Turns out that is important to the story!

“He laughed at that,” Faulkner then said to a crying Kiessling. “We have had people coming across that border, drug cartels, for quite some time. It has become a historic problem now. What do you say to the president of the United States?” Faulkner asked.

Fox News has its breathless article right now saying Joe Biden is being "slammed" for laughing while discussing this mother who lost her two children to fentanyl. Of course, in the very clip Fox uses of Biden speaking it's clear to anybody with a halfway functioning brain that he's making fun of Marjorie Taylor Greene for claiming that Biden killed those kids, when those kids died during the Trump administration. That's the "she" Biden was referring to. He was making fun of Marjorie Taylor Greene for being such an un-fucking-believable goddamned moron.

We're very sorry for what happened to that mom's kids, but she's on Fox News allowing her story to be used for this propaganda, crying and calling Joe Biden a "horrible human being." Has she watched the clip for herself? You have to be deranged to think Joe Biden was actually laughing at people who died of fentanyl overdoses.

The mother continued:

"You know, he thought he was with a roomful of Democrats and, you know, he’s amongst friends and they could all yuck it up. And what kind of a person does that? I mean, somebody asked me, ‘oh, you know, did he just, like, misspeak?’ Like this shows his heart. And to me, it’s like it shows this is why he just opened the border so wide. He just doesn’t care. He’s completely heartless."

Again, she was either in on the propaganda or she wasn't. We don't know the answer.

We can tell you that the mom, Rebecca Kiessling, is ALSO a vile anti-abortion activist who's been on a quest to REMOVE RAPE EXCEPTIONS FROM ABORTION BANS.

That's who she is.

Harris Faulkner definitely was in on the propaganda. That's who she is.

The end.



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