Harry Reid Talking So Much Sh*t About Everybody Now, Does Not Give A Flying F*ck

Sen. Harry Reid (D-Boxing Ring) has rarely shied away from using his smack-talking Stern Words to smack-talk, sternly, but now that he is officially retiring at the end of this term, he really does NOT give an aerodynamic fuck at a mobile pastry.

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In an interview with CNBC's John Harwood, Reid had SO MUCH to say, about pretty much everyone. Let's enjoy!

Asked about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's recent letter to the National Governors Association telling states to just up and ignore the Obama administration's new regulations on coal because "illegal" and "Obama," Reid had nothing but kind and very sincere words for his friend across the aisle:

I don't criticize McConnell for doing that. He comes from a coal state. I don't mean to be mean-spirited, but he IS a lump of coal. He believes that coal is the salvation of the world. I don't believe that.

Reid also thinks it is just adorable the way John McCain gets SO MAD sometimes, when he's yelling at clouds.

John McCain, of course, gets mad at me, but that only lasts about that far. Wasn't long ago he came to me on the Senate floor, and he said, “What you just did -- I'm gonna come to the floor and kick the shit out of you." And I said to him, “John, if I were in your position, I would do the same thing."

What about the Republican pigeon droppings running for president? Any thoughts on which one will win the chance to get a good ass-kicking from Hillary Clinton?

You know, I don't really care. I think they're all losers.

It's funny because it's true!

On Clinton's campaign, however, Reid is all smiles and warm fuzzies.

"I like Hillary very much," he says, but he REALLY seems to have a man-crush on the Big Dog. "I love the way he ends his conversations with me, and they're so sincere." And how does the former president end his conversations?

“Harry, I love you." Every time? “Every time."

Reid also loves Joe Biden. "I could never say a bad word about him. He's a wonderful human being."

You know who is NOT a wonderful human being? Rush Limbaugh. According to Reid, he's the jerk who got conservatives all riled up over their conspiracy theory that Reid's accident with "exercise equipment" was, in fact, some kind of dirty deal gone wrong with the mob.

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We can't say for sure, because Reid now has to wear dark glasses as a result from his accident, but we are fairly certain he rolled his eyes about a thousand times when asked about that.

It shows the credibility of Rush Limbaugh. He's the guy that got all this started. Why in the world would I come up with a story that I got hurt in my own bathroom with my wife standing there? How could anyone say anything like that? I think a lot of people that I read kind of don't like me as a person. I think that's unfortunate.

It IS unfortunate, because Harry Reid is a fun guy, everyone should like him regardless of whether they agree with his politics, even if he will not have his retirement party at a legal brothel in Nevada.

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