Help Us Make Best Friends With Some Diamonds This Christmas



As we get so close to the big day, you know it is getting time to go big or go home, which is why we've been waiting to ask you for this Ultimate Diamond Experience.

Sure, the name makes it sound like one of those car wash packages where they will steam clean your engine, and while that would be a lovely gift for a peasant, we deserve this $1.8 million diamond tourist trip.

As the owner of this 25-carat rough Forevermark® diamond, you'll travel deep into the heart of Africa to discover where your stone began its journey more than one billion years ago.

This once-in-a-lifetime adventure starts with a trip to the De Beers headquarters in London. Once there, you'll receive your exceptional diamond in its rough and uncut form, name your diamond, learn about the unique inscription it will receive, and meet the master craftsman who will hand-cut and polish it to perfection.

Well, we've already named our diamond in anticipation of you giving us this gift, so we really can't wait to meet little Honky. So excited to finally put a 25-carat face to the name!



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