Here Is Bristol Palin Jivin' In a Gorilla Suit

Remember when wenoted yesterday that Bristol Palin said she would be doing "the jive" on national teevee and we joked that she would do it in blackface? Yeah, well, no, she did it in a gorilla suit, which is less offensive, we guess. But that is not the correct animal! In the modern American discourse, you are supposed to aspire to be a female grizzly bear, not a female dancing gorilla, Bristol. That sort of thing is base. If you, dear reader, are somehow not a 56-year-old woman with a diabetes foot who lives in a depressed exurb somewhere, you can now watch this "performance" you didn't see last night here on the Internet.

[youtube expand=1]

Yes, the theme song to that crappy Monkees teevee show. That is something to be jived to. "Original." Discuss this event in your Culture and Politics seminar, college students, and then walk back to your dorm and explode. [Videogum]


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