Here Is The Sad Tale Of Some Jerk Messing Up Nice Michigan Couple's Clever Lynched-Obama-Chair Yard Art


Ken and Judy David of Grand Haven Township, Michigan, how do you feel about the "surprise" you got Wednesday morning, when some total jerk messed up your cool and witty Lynched Obama Chair display by adding another chair to your yard, on which was marked "4 more years" along with "racist pig" and some shouty potty talk? Were you delighted? Wait a minute, you were not delighted?

“It’s not nice,” Ken David said to his wife when they found the chair before 9 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 7. [...]

Well, it is not as not nice as wrapping a dead pig in a Romney shirt, which, DO NOT DO THAT LIBERALS. But back to our story.

“That person there is the racist,” Ken David said of those responsible for nailing the branded chair on his property. “I never was a racist and I never intended to be a racist. The only thing I’m for is liberty and freedom.”

Well, and lynching. Don't forget, you love lynching too!

Luckily, Michigan Live had already done in-depth reporting on the community reaction to the Davids' lawn art, and discovered that the Davids' neighbors "weren't offended" by the lynched Obama Chair. Well, except some folks who objected that it was right across the street from an elementary school. And the fact that there was a whole community forum devoted to it did not stem from the Davids' neighbors umbrage, just the rest of the town's, so that is cool too.

At that community forum?

When it’s hanging from a tree, with the history of lynching in this country, it is a concern for many of us,” said Sarah Salguera, the [Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance's] program director.

About 30 people turned out Thursday night to discuss the delicate balance of free speech as some said they were offended by the front yard decoration and others defending the couple's right to express their opinion.

The Davids did not attend the forum due to a previously scheduled commitment [ed: haha right] and have maintained there was no ill intent with the display that was accompanied by "Take Back Our Country in November" signs. The couple has also refused calls to take the chairs down from the trees.

“I think it’s a misunderstanding that the empty chair is a black person,” said Brett Tompkins, of Grand Haven Township. “The idea is the president isn’t there, the president isn’t leading.”

Sure sure mang, total misunderstanding.

Ken David, of course, is a member of the executive board of the Ottawa County GOP.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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