Here Is Your Presidents Day Caption Contest, For You To Suck At


OK, people, you know how this works. Here is a photograph. (Look up, dummies.) You will attempt to write a caption for it in the comments, which we do not allow. You will probably suck at it, because whenever we give you fun photos to caption, you write the worst goddamned captions imaginable, we would fire all of you if we could, sheesh. And no, we do not understand what your problem is, you are so funny all the other times in the comments, which we do not allow. Why else do you think we keep you around?

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If one of you manages to write a caption that does not suck -- and we're talking about a pretty low bar, at this point -- we will send you a prize, maybe. If it is non-sucky enough to deserve one.

OK, go. Try to not suck too much. Even if you do, and you probably will, we will still love you anyway. Maybe.


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