Here Is Your Video of Michele Bachmann Mispronouncing 'Chutzpah'


Michele Bachmann went on Fox News for the third time this week to "not talk about her gay husband" and instead give her predictably ludicrous viewpoint that nothing will happen to the U.S. credit rating in a default because "we have money to pay it" in whatever way she thinks one pays for good credit ratings without paying off debt. Then she lectures the president for having a lot of "choot-spa," because Michele has only ever heard of Jews, she has never actually heard Jews. Oh wait, and did she get the meaning wrong, too?

Bachmann's "Choot-spa"

"The president doesn't want to have to be confronted with priorities in spending, because he has a lot of chutzpah." We are not at all actual Yiddish experts, but Google search seems to suggest that "chutzpah" is not used to describe someone who has giant avoidance issues. Rather, it usually means the opposite in either its negative or positive connotations. Oh well, everything else about Michele and Marcus "tiny dancer" Bachmann live in Opposite Land too. [Politico]


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