Here's the Death-Stare Face Obama Made While Waiting Yesterday

Here's the Death-Stare Face Obama Made While Waiting Yesterday

America, this is just a guess, but it's probably not a good idea to make Obama angry. "We're gonna need a new vein!" — Obama's face of death. This whole photo is pretty much the greatest picture of the century so far. Joe Biden is like, "Murhp?" And Hillary Clinton is like, "OMG!" (This is the caption that will be appear in history books, because history is written by the winners: teenagers who are popular.)

What's that on Hillary's computer? It's blurred out. Most people would assume they're classified photographs, but it's just as likely it's porn. Porn really calms the nerves when you have to answer that "3 am" call.

ANYWAY, as fun as this photo is, it's fun to imagine other things they may have been watching yesterday:

  • Watching Obama try to beat the final level on Super Mario Brothers 2.

  • Finally catching the last episode of The Sopranos on Netflix.

  • Witnessing the sheer horror that is the "John McCain sex tape."

  • Looking for just the right moment to interrupt Celebrity Apprentice.

Yeah, all of those seem to work just fine. [Flickr]


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