Here's Your Nightmare Nancy Pelosi Beach Party Cartoon Music Video


With the blue-dog days of summer finally behind us, it's time for a look back: Remember those sun-drenched days of partying on the beach with Nancy Pelosi and her Bilderberg friends? Neither do we, as we were too busy getting high and drawing Ayn Rand cartoons. Graciously, some Pixar cartoon fetishist has recreated this forgotten fever dream: a music video for the original song, "Recovery Summer," featuring big-headed nightmare-versions of all your favorite political hacks including Harry Reid, David Axelrod, and Robert Gibbs (topless!) Are you brave enough to witness such a spectacle?

Such a scene can only serve as a prelude to the inevitable torture-porn climax, where the googly-eyed Nancy Pelosi is chased into the jungle and water-boarded until she is killed and devoured by the band.

[youtube expand=1]

This is all part of a larger sexual epidemic of animating America's deepest sexual fantasies, but at least this one was made in AMERICA and not by some communist Taiwanese in Asia somewhere. [YouTube]


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