Herman Cain Will Not Appoint ANY Muslims, If You Were Wondering


Look, people who are constantly asking him for jobs in his inevitable administration, Herman Cain is not interested in your silly Muslims! They are allowed to practice their religion in private, just like Baptists or Catholics or other Christians. That's it; no serving in the judiciary for them. Just like Baptists or Catholics or other Christians? We assume so. Herman Cain will only appoint atheists to the bench, right? He doesn't want to mess with agnostics.

If you couldn't understand Herman Cain in this video because you're a librul and he's just too damn reasonable about this religion he knows little about, here's a rough pictorial transcript of what came he said:

Here's what "news site for black moderates and black conservatives" blog Booker Rising has to say about Cain:

On a related note, Herman Cain won another straw poll, this time in Iowa at the CPC. Is America on the verge of having back-to-back black presidents?

Oh, we didn't know Gary Johnson is black. [Think Progress/Booker Rising]


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