Hero GOP Rep. Phil Roe Can't Accept Obamacare Pregnancy Coverage Tyranny Since He & Wife Got 'Fixed'


Welcome your new anti-Obamacare hero, wingnut America! It's Tennessee Rep. Phil Roe, who took the familiar "men shouldn't have to get insurance that covers ladyparts" trope to a whole new level today at the Heritage Foundation’s Conservative Policy Summit, where he announced that it was an act of supreme injustice to make him and his wife pay for such insurance policies even though they're both spayed:

“Right now, the federal government tells you what you have to buy,” he explained. “I’m going to be a little graphic here, okay? Let me tell you why that’s important, why that’s driven the cost up through the ceiling.”

“I have been fixed. My wife has been fixed,” Roe said. “Both of us have determined if we thought we had to raise another kid right now, we would jump off the Capitol, head first into the parking lot, face first. You got the idea, don’t want any more kids.”

Just because you've had a vasectomy is no reason to be snippy, Congressman. We're rather happy to know that the 68-year-old Rep. Roe has made sure that he'll never reproduce again, but would also note that he has three children, all adults -- talk about a closed barn-door issue.

But we'd also point out that this is how insurance works: all insurance works on the assumption that not everyone will need to use it in exactly the same way. Next, Republicans will be saying that it's "unfair" that you don't get a big refund when you die if you never got cancer. Yeesh.

We're also looking forward to hearing from the Traditional Marriage crowd that Roe and his wife are not in a real marriage, since they can't make babies. That is to say, her insides are a rocky place where his seed can find no purchase. As we all know, gay marriage must be banned so that humanity will have enough babbies, and non-procreative marriages are not part of God's beautiful plan. Filthy selfish heathen.

Ah, but Roe has a really creative plan that would totally fix all the problems of Obamacare: Scrap it, go back to letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, and allow people to buy the crappiest possible high-deductible "insurance" they can find across state lines.

As for how to "fix" Obamacare, he wouldn't merely neuter it; he says the best way to deal with it is "“with a nuclear bomb ... We have to get rid of this monstrosity and repeal it.”

Of course, not everyone wants an insurance plan that covers radiation sickness...


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