Hero Judge: Hasn't Halliburton Dude Who Destroyed Gulf Oil Spill Evidence Suffered Enough?

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Do you 'member when BP went and ruined its CEO's whole day, by having that little "whoopsie" in the Gulf of Mexico? We saw things, man. We saw eyeless shrimp.

Man, good times good times. Well, the whole thing wasn't Tony Hayward's fault (just a lot of it was Tony Hayward's fault). Some of it was Halliburton's fault, because they are bad at their jobs. (This time "bad at their jobs" included a little old 200 million gallons of bubbling crude, but who is counting.)

After that little gigantic environmental disaster, Halliburton manager Mr. Anthony Badalementi, of Katy, Texas, destroyed a whole bunch of evidence that Halliburton had been bad at its job. This is often called "obstruction of justice" and other lawyer stuff. So that judge did what any judge would do after finding someone destroyed evidence and obstructed justice and also had some responsibility maybe for one of the worst environmental disasters to ever hit the United States:

He gave him a year's probation and a $1000 fine, and told him he was sure he was sorry now and no harm no foul. Also, he called him "an honorable man."

It is unknown whether the judge apologized to Badalamenti for the trouble he was caused.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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