Hero Local Reporter Kicks Mike Pompeo In The Nards

Stop what you are doing, everyone, and please give a standing ovation to news reporter Nancy Amons from WSMV in Nashville, who just gave a class in Reporting, How Does THAT Work.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo thought he was in town to talk about "religious freedom," which is a subject he VERY LIKES, because of how he's been assembling the worst American fundamentalists to be on his so-called "religious freedom" commission, which is just "Handmaid's Tale" shit packaged in vaguely more intellectual language. Amons decided to do journalism instead, and the man best known as a heat-seeking missile for Donald Trump's ass turned into a heat-seeking missile for the nearest exit.

More like this, please! Journalists who work at the White House should pay particular attention!

Pompeo is, of course, under fire for turning the State Department into Rudy Giuliani's House Of Ukrainian Giggle-gasms, as Giuliani conducts crime diplomacy to help Donald Trump's re-election. Oh yes, and Pompeo was also a firsthand witness on Trump's crime call with the Ukrainian president. Surprise, Amons wanted to talk about all that.

RAW: Mike Pompeo Interviewed by News4's Nancy Amons in Nashvillewww.youtube.com

First, Amons welcomed Pompeo to Nashville, and Pompeo didn't fuck up the response to that one. She told him she was going to "start right away with the tough stuff that you're expecting," and he gave an AW SHUCKS, because he had no idea what was about to hit him.

Specifically Amons wanted to start with the resignation of Michael McKinley, who until last week was one of Pompeo's top advisers at State, until he apparently decided it was time to GTFO of that shithole. Amons asked Pompeo to speak to all that in light of what some are saying is his "failure to stand-up for government servants like [former ambassador to Ukraine Marie] Yovanovitch who have been caught up in the Ukraine controversy."

He got MAD.

AMONS: Did you do enough to defend the ambassador both publicly and privately against the smear campaign that was being waged against her?

POMPEO: Well ma'am, you have some of your facts wrong, so you should be careful about things you assert as facts before you state them.

Which facts, Mike? The part about how morale is in the shitter at State because of how you've turned it into an operation primarily tasked with assisting Donald Trump in committing crimes? The part about Marie Yovanovitch (who testified Friday in Congress, and it was LIT) getting fired without cause after a smear campaign led by Rudy Giuliani, because she was seen as standing in the way of Giuliani's plan to get Ukraine to play ball with the criminals and help Trump get re-elected? WHICH PART, MIKE?

He did not specify which part. He just said a bunch of boilerplate shit about how proud he is of what a good job he is doing, because he is a very good boy. He didn't want to talk about McKinley's resignation, because he "doesn't speak about personnel matters."

Another thing Mike Pompeo does not talk about is whether he met with Rudy Giuliani in Warsaw last February, because that is private information like his Social Security number and his safe word, we guess.

POMPEO: You know, I don't talk about who I meet with. I went to Warsaw for a particular purpose. It was an important mission. We brought together people all across the world to take down the world's largest state-sponsored terror, the Islamic Republic of Iran. That's what I worked on on that mission.

AMONS: So, you're not going to say whether or not you met with him.

AMONS: It sounds like you're not going to say.

No, he is not going to say, because he really doesn't want to reveal how long he may have been cahootsing with Rudy Giuliani to undermine American diplomacy in service of Donald Trump's emotional and mental insecurities. Note how Amons keeps asking Pompeo the fucking question, because of how he refuses to answer the fucking question.

Next subject, please! Oh shit, it's more about the Ukraine situation, specifically those text messages from the State Department's Ukraine team that show them doing explicit quid pro quos with the leadership of Ukraine, withholding military aid and White House visits in exchange for manufactured investigations into Trump's political opponents.

AMONS: Text messages show that diplomats under your authority told the Ukrainians that a good relationship with President Trump was only possible if they investigated his political opponent and theories about what happened in 2016. Were you aware that this was happening?
POMPEO SO MAD GRRR ARGH:Again, you've got your facts wrong — it sounds like you're working at least in part for the Democratic National Committee.

Nah, dude, she just read the texts, and the transcript of the call, and the whistleblower complaint. You know, like journalists do.

At the end, Pompeo left very rudely and in a bit of a huff because the mean lady had just done fake news to him, by asking him questions he did not want to answer. Three cheers for Nancy Amons!

She commented on how the interview went on Twitter:

As we said, Nancy Amons is awesome, and now she is the boss of Mike Pompeo, and also the boss of you.

The end.

[Rolling Stone]

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