Hero Patriot Lady Saves Minnesota Neighborhood From Scary Muslim Mom And Dad

Another Responsible American with a Gun has done her part to keep the nation safe from ISIS terrorists: A twitchy 48-year-old lady in the Minneapolis suburb of Maple Grove, Minnesota, pulled what appeared to be a rifle -- it turned out to be a pellet gun -- on a middle-aged Muslim couple last Friday for being all jihad-looking in the neighborhood where they'd driven to pick up their teenaged son from a friend's house.

While waiting at the curb outside in their car around 11:00 pm, Majida and Adly Abumayaleh were briefly held at gunpoint by Nancy Kay "I Watch Fox News All Day" Knoble, apparently because Majida was wearing a terrifying hijab, according to TV station KARE. Knoble pounded on their car windows and told them to get out of the car because they clearly didn't belong in the neighborhood.

"She pulled the rifle and said open the window or I'll shoot you guys," Adly explained.

Adly said he didn't want it to get worse so he did whatever she told him.

"She said get out of car, you need to prove your son is here and I said ok. I got out and she put the gun at my back and said walk to the house," Adly explained.

At the house Majida and Adly's son did come out and they said once Knoble saw that they really were the boy's parents she backed off.

But the damage to this couple was done.

"I thought, I am going to die this night," Majida said in tears.

Knoble, who lived a few houses down, was arrested on charges of "making terroristic threats;" the Hennepin County Sheriff's office brings us these fine mug shots of the vigilant patriot:

The couple's daughter, Mnar Muhawesh, posted about her parents' ordeal on Facebook, and told Gawker reporter Adam Weinstein that police aren't investigating the incident as a hate crime, despite Knoble's having told the couple that she knew what their "kind was up to." This is most likely because, as Rep. Steve King reminded us recently, Muslims face no discrimination in the USA.

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Needless to say, in response, Muhawesh received, in addition to many outraged statements of support, a fair number of charming sentiments like this:

Also several amusing photos of bacon and camels. Yay, America!


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