Here's another episode in the adventures of Infowars "reporter" Matt Bidondi, the Alex Jones functionary last seen on Yr Wonkette being told to "keep runnin' your pissflaps" and to "drink a dick, dude," by an Irate Boston Man after last year's Boston Marathon bombing. This time around -- just this last week, in fact -- poor Mr. Bidondi was being victimized by Rhode Island state Sen. Josh Miller in the Rhode Island capitol building. Miller, who supports several pieces of gun-control legislation, was approached by Bidondi, who very calmly shouted "The Second Amendment shall not be infringed, you people need to understand that!” And then Miller smiled and replied "Go fuck yourself." (We liked the aide or photographer or whoever who leaned over and repeated the line. Nothing like having a good toady on your staff, as Yr Editrix is well aware.) Needless to say, the gentle souls at Infowars are shocked and hurt by Miller's incivility.

Citing an NRA panic sheet, Infowars describes the measures supported by Miller as likely to "turn law-abiding gun owners into criminals.” Among other horrors, the clearly unconstitutional bills would tax firearms and ammunition, ban assault weapons, limit magazines to ten rounds, change concealed-carry permits from "shall issue" to "may issue," and would prohibit sales of firearms to people convicted of misdemeanor counts of domestic violence. Obviously, if any one of those were to pass, America is over, so Mr. Bidondi, who should not be allowed to fly since his voice could shred aircraft aluminum, had to try and get through to Miller. And what did Bidondi get, just for being a concerned citizen? The same warm welcome he apparently receives wherever he goes.

And now, Infowars fervently joins Bidondi in asking Rhode Islanders

"to consider whether they want to re-elect a foul-mouthed individual who responds when challenged in such an unprofessional manner."

To be sure, it is encouraging that Infowars at least recognizes that Bidondi challenged Miller in an unprofessional manner. In answer to the question itself, we can only reply: Fuck yeah.

For the sake of promoting civility, we suppose, Miller issued a very limited apology for the swears:

"At the end of a press conference in which I participated, an individual representing a website notorious for conspiracy theories started berating members of the coalition and intimidating elderly veterans, members of the clergy and victims of violence ...

"After watching him antagonize an elderly veteran he swung his camera my way, which produced a very human and guttural reaction. I respect both the Second Amendment and the First Amendment. It is important to note that the individual in question was physically removed from a committee room by the Capitol Police later that evening.

"Regardless of the emotions and atmosphere of the moment, it does not justify the language I used that day. Out of respect for the decorum of the State House and the constituents I represent, I offer my apologies."

In other words, sorry about the forum, not the sentiment or the target. Frankly, we are inclined to nominate anyone who tells an Infowars idiot to go fuck himself for Wonkette's Legislative Badass of the Year Award. And it is now so.

[Infowars / Rhode Island Public Radio]

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