Hey Everybody, Where's Kim Davis? Oh That's Right, She's In Jail! Your Weekly Top Ten.

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Oh hello, Wonkers, and how is your holiday weekend going? Are you ZZZZZZZing like we are, or are you playing croquet with the king of Spain or something glamorous like that? Well take a break, because it's time for your late Sunday afternoon top ten post, which we specifically got off the couch to write for you. Many of your top stories are about that mean jailbird clerk lady Kim Davis, big surprise!


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This picture of Wonkette Baby is so cute we decided to give it a second week in the Top Ten post, and also we are too lazy to go to Becca's Facebook and steal a new one right now.

Okay, here are the top ten stories of the week, chosen as usual by science. Maybe you are reading them the first time. Maybe you read Wonkette posts over and over again because you are obsessed with us and want to sexxx us.

1. Your number one story, by far, was NOT about Kim Davis. It was about Bristol Palin, and how she is the only idiot in all of Alaska who doesn't know that all Alaskans call that mountain "Denali." We were hoping her repugnant idiot mother might sit down and have a little talk with her.

2. And here's the report from the moment it all went down, when Kentucky clerk Kim Davis was hauled away to the slammer, for refusing to do her job.

3. Did you hear about all the REVELATIONS from the Hillary Clinton emails? Like the way John Boehner is drunk off his ass all the time, at any given moment?

4. After Kim Davis was put in jail, wingnuts reacted calmly and peacefully. Just kidding, they jizz-crapped their Pampers in RAGE.

5. Before Davis was forced to trade her lady jumper for an orange jumpsuit, things were already looking bad for her. Here's Wonk's report on how her 15 minutes of martyrdom are coming to an end.

6. Josh Duggar MAY be on the lam from sex rehab. Suspect is considered horny and gross, and you should probably hide your kids, hide your wife, etc.

7. Before Kim Davis took over the news cycle, it was all about how Obama had renamed Mt. McKinley to a yucky foreign name, "Denali," which just happens to be what the mountain was called all along. What a tyrant, that Obama!

8. Canada also thinks Scott Walker is A Idiot. Enough said.

9. Speaking of A Idiot, Rick Perry is even dumber than you thought. No, dumber. No, dumber than that. Seriously, dumber than you EVER THOUGHT.

10. And finally, your number ten story is one of our favorite things we ever wrote for this here mommyblog and recipe hub. When news came down that Kim Davis would go before the judge on Thursday, somewhere in the back of our mind, we said, "Wait didn't Jesus get sentenced on Thursday? And Kim Davis sure does want to be a martyr!" So we rewrote the trial of Jesus before the Sanhedrin and Pontius Pilate, KIM DAVIS-STYLE.

So there you go, Wonkers. Those are your winning stories. Read them to your ficus or something!

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Okay, going back to bed, so everybody please play nice and use your inside voices!



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