Let’s Recall The F*ck Out Of Crazy-Ass Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman!
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Carolyn Goodman is the banana pants mayor of Las Vegas who offered her city up as a “control group" to confirm whether the coronavirus will kill people. We already know the answer, so Goodman's plan crosses the line from speculative science to a homicidal social experiment.

Goodman wasn't able to sell playing Russian Roulette -- with a fully loaded gun -- with her constituents during an eye-popping interview with Anderson Cooper. She lacked the poise and calm professionalism we've come to expect from sociopaths.

Las Vegas is in Clark County, which currently has 4,573 (confirmed) coronavirus cases or 214 cases per 100,000 people. A reported 245 people have died. Clark County is 41 percent Hispanic and 11 percent black. A week before Goodman exploded Cooper's brain, Commissioner Lawrence Weekly released a PSA stating that black people “here and across the country are contracting coronavirus at higher rates than others."

Goodman however is still pushing to reopen the city, even though the adage "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" wouldn't apply to a highly infectious virus. During a prepared address to the Las Vegas City Council Wednesday, Goodman said, "I recognize there is fear about opening too soon, but the question many are asking is when is too soon too late?"

Yes, that was a prepared statement. Goodman isn't alone in her prioritization of businesses over people. Republican Councilwoman Michele Fiore, who's just awful, and also Wonkette's very favorite, claimed that only sissies hide from viruses.

FIORE: Fear is a great way to control people, and make no mistake, if you are staying home for Nevada without underlying (health) conditions, you are in fear and you are being controlled ...

Now we hear from some elected officials and other elites that we just need to hunker down for longer. These leaders do not offer any hope, any light and certainly not any solutions for the future.

The time for shutdown and panic is over.

Fiore didn't say whether she supports exceptions to opening back up, particularly to prevent transgender people from seeing her "nakedness area," but we'll just assume she does.

Councilman Stavros Anthony also claimed (wrongly) that there was "absolutely no reason why a retail store or restaurant cannot open up today."

ANTHONY: We're not stupid. We're Americans.

That is so not mutually exclusive.

Tourism is the major economic driver for Las Vegas, and more rational representatives on the city council point out that even if the city is reopened tomorrow, who in their right mind would show up? It's also not as locally stupid as Georgia opening tattoo parlors. You can't have strangers from across the country mingling in casinos and returning home with duty-free coronavirus.

Some good news is that Goodman might have her dumb ass recalled. The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that Doug Polk, a former professional poker player, has started a recall petition, which is the first step toward removing Goodman from office. The petition needs signatures from 25 percent of the voters from the 2019 election (6745 of 26979). Let's act fast before Goodman's policies give them all COVID-19!

Polk has until August 4 to collect the required number of valid signatures. That would trigger a mayoral recall election.

The statement Polk released regarding the recall effort is amazing:

POLK: We are recalling the Mayor because over the last few weeks she has failed to responsibly represent her constituency. Not only in her clear disregard for public health, but also in her support for the casino owners over the people of Las Vegas. Additionally, she is barely able to speak coherent sentences while discussing the subject matter. She is unfit to serve as the mayor of Las Vegas.

He's not wrong. Every time I watch that Anderson Cooper interview, I think it's a "Saturday Night Live" sketch with the brilliant Chloe Fineman.

Goodman isn't just stupid. She's also openly hostile to human life. She's called the efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 “total insanity" because they would close precious businesses that aren't safe right now for customers or employees. She continues to ignore basic science. It's time for her to go.

[Las Vegas Review Journal / The Hill]

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