Your next congressman in KS-04? MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Today, in Kansas's 4th congressional district, is the first of several Very Important Special Elections, for seats what got emptied out when Donald Trump appointed people for his administration from "safe seats" that would never be in danger of Democrats stealing them, with votes. Turns out those seats aren't as automatically safe as they assumed, though, because Democrats and all other smart people are PISSED right now, and everybody hates Donald Trump, even some of the country fried idiots who voted for him.

Wichita civil rights lawyer James Thompson is the Democrat running for the seat vacated by Benghazi congress-idiot Mike Pompeo, who is now the president of the CIA. The Republicans figured this district would be EASY PEASY, since Donald Trump won it by 27 points. Apparently it is not such a slam dunk, though! It turns out this race, between Thompson and some GOP idiot named Ron Estes, is within single digits, and the Cook Political Report, which is an expert in polling the way Wonkette is an expert in SPY-BLOGGING, has moved the race from "Likely Republican" to "Lean Republican." Could there be an upset if people get out and vote? Well, we'll never know if you don't go vote, WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?

In the final hours of the special election to replace new CIA Director Mike Pompeo in Wichita, Kansas, Republicans are expressing alarm that Democrat James Thompson is within striking distance of carrying a seat President Trump won by 27 points last November. Although GOP state Treasurer Ron Estes remains the favorite heading into Election Day, we are shifting our rating from Likely Republican to Lean Republican.

Republicans familiar with recent polling describe extremely high Democratic intensity and very low GOP enthusiasm in what is likely to be a very low turnout special. More than that, Estes appears to be swept up in a last-minute vortex of factors outside his control: Democrats' anger towards Trump, independents' anger towards Gov. Sam Brownback and GOP dissatisfaction with early administration failures.

Oh that's right, we are talking about Kansas, where on top of how Donald Trump is a shitty president, everybody hates Republican Governor Sam Brownback, who literally broke the entire state.

One thing about this race is that, out of the various special elections on the calendar, it's one of the biggest long shots. Over there in Georgia, things are much scarier for the GOP, where in Georgia's 6th -- which Cook now calls a toss-up -- 30-year-old whippersnapper Jon Ossoff is making quite a showing to replace that asshole Tom Price (who is now secretary of Health and Human Services) in a district Trump only carried by one little tiny percentage point. As Cook notes, if the Republican only wins by single digits in KS-04, that in and of itself will scare the crap out of the GOP.

That's why such esteemed and beloved Republicans as Senator Ted Cruz have traveled to Kansas to campaign for their guy, and Donald Trump did a robo-call for Estes, saying of the race that “There’s really few very much more important.” Actually, you need to see the whole transcript of this robocall, which we think Trump maded up all by himself, and which is very stupid:


Mike Pence did a robo-call too, Paul Ryan has been fundraising, and the National Republican Leadership Committee and other super PACs have been pouring money in, in a district where Mike Pompeo won his re-election by 31 DAMN POINTS.

So basically, if all the Democrats who ever lived (as long as they live in KS-04) get out and vote, the WORST case scenario is Republican rando dude wins by way fewer points than he's "supposed to," and the GOP goes to bed tonight scared. Or maybe there could be a big upset and the GOP will literally CRY ITSELF TO SLEEP, and what better way is there to spend Holy Week than by making Republicans cry? We can't think of one.

Here, meet the nice Democratic guy James Thompson, in a video from his website! He talks about how he used to work at Army and wants to help the veterans and other nice stuff like that. When you're done watching, GO VOTE.

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