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It has now been about a half a year since anyone has seen 7-year-old Joshua "J.J." Vallow and 17-year-old Tylee Ryan, the missing children of Idaho Mormon Doomsday Cult Mom Lori Vallow. Vallow, who was arrested on February 21, has yet to mention to anyone where they are or even if they are alive. With a $5 million bail hanging over her head, she apparently just sat there in jail every day rather than say "This is where my kids are," and she has yet to offer a plea. If she stays there, it is going to be very difficult for her to be the reincarnated god who guides us all through the End Times in July, as she has planned.

The most recent development in the Vallow case is that the presiding judge who set the $5 million bail (but reduced it to $1 million last week) has agreed to recuse himself from the case. Mostly because it is apparently the law in Idaho that anyone who is on trial for anything gets at least one judge-dismissing freebie, but also because that judge presided over her previous child custody case.

Judge Faren Eddins said Friday he would err on the side of defendants' rights. In Idaho, a person has a right to "disqualify a judge, without reason, without cause, just because," at least once in a case, he said during a Friday hearing.

Via Deseret News:

Judge Faren Eddins said Friday he would err on the side of defendants' rights. In Idaho, a person has a right to "disqualify a judge, without reason, without cause, just because," at least once in a case, he said during a Friday hearing.

Attorneys for Daybell — who appears in some court documents under the name Lori Vallow but asked in a recent hearing to be identified by her new married name, Daybell — argued in court filings that Eddins presided over her separate, civil child custody case that predated the criminal charges. They said his involvement in the earlier case creates a conflict or bias that could infringe on her right to a fair trial.

In addition to Eddins recusing himself, two of Vallow's attorneys, Brian Webb and Edwina Elcox, have also quit her case, without giving reason, leaving defense attorney Mark Means as her only representation.

Normally, even when one has a very high bail amount set, it is possible to get out by getting a bond from a bail bond company. However, no bail bond companies want to work with Vallow, on account of the fact that she has a habit of disappearing:

Danielle Kingston, the owner of A+ Idaho Bail Bonds in Rexburg, Idaho, said the $1 million bond is a "big bond for our area," which must be considered when deciding whether to work with Vallow's team.

"You have to look at every bond very specifically and individually," she said.

According to Kingston, her company makes several considerations before deciding whether to work with a detainee, like Vallow. There's "criteria" to follow. The detainee must "follow the policies" of the company. And, she said, the company will asses the "risk" of the detained individual.

"It doesn't work out if we don't feel comfortable," she said, adding that "you have to get to the point where you feel comfortable enough to write it."

Last week, footage came out of Vallow coming and going from a mysterious storage unit with Doomsday Cult Stepdad Chad Daybell and her now-deceased brother Alex Cox the day before Brandon Boudreaux, the husband of Vallow's niece, was shot at in a drive-by shooting (a common occurrence in Idaho, for sure). The footage shows them taking a car seat and a tire out of a blue Nissan Rogue and putting them away in the storage unit. The next day, Cox came back for the items.

Via EastIdahoNews.com:

"The tire and the seat are noteworthy because many Jeeps have spare tires on their back doors and the rear window will not open if the tire is attached. When the tire is off, the window opens. It's possible the tire and seat put into the storage unit the day of the shooting were from the Jeep, and Cox could have been the driver when Boudreaux was shot at."

The video footage obtained from the storage unit company also shows Chad Daybell and Alex Cox showing up together about nine days after Daybell's wife, Tammy Daybell, mysteriously died. As you may or may not recall, Cox shot Vallow's estranged ex-husband and then died himself in December. He has also reportedly been recently linked to the death of Tammy Daybell.

In other Vallow news, she apparently once won $17,000 on "Wheel of Fortune," and was a beauty pageant contestant, competing to be Mrs. Texas 2004. At this time, according to the pageant's host, Vallow was also collaborating with 12 other women to write a book about encouraging women. To do what, we probably should not speculate.

Mrs Texas 2004 youtu.be

This case just keeps getting weirder and weirder. There's still a possibility that the kids are okay and simply hidden away in some weird doomsday underground bunker, and let's hope that they are, but there sure are a whole lot of coincidences surrounding these people nonetheless.

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