Hey, Let's Have Some Nice Time: 78-Year-Old Marathon Man Is The Best Of All Possible Marathon Men


So what'd you guys do this week? Our week was pretty quiet, just another typical nice April week. Oh who are we kidding, we can't even think of a joke to go with that. ANYWAY, let us have some Nice Time. Remember Bill Iffrig, the 78-year-old fellow whogot knocked down, but he got up again, never gonna keep him down, etc? Well let us learn some facts about how he is THE BEST.

  • He didn't see the picture until yesterday, when an airline employee at Logan handed him a Sports Illustrated.

    “It’s beautiful,” Iffrig says about the photo. “It’s almost like it was staged, it’s so real.”
  • He's "not complaining" about being a media star.

    “It wasn’t too bad. A few took us to out dinner,” he says.

    “Nice Italian,” recalls his wife about one of the dinners.

  • He and his wife have been married since they were 20, 58 years.
  • They live in a house he built with his hands 50 years ago.
  • He is a retired carpenter. LIKE JESUS.
  • He's a total stud, but also a pragmatic stud.

    He isn’t planning to run the marathon next year, but not because of anything to do with the bombings.

    It’s because in 2014, he’ll be 79, and fears he’ll be beaten by some 75-year-old upstart.

    But in 2015, when he’s 80, he’ll be running in the 80-plus group.

    “I’ll be the youngest one, and have a better chance,” says Iffrig.

And etc.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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