Hey Little Missy, There's Nothing Wrong With Mass. Republican's Outreach To The Gals

Charlie Baker is already in a pretty difficult race, what with being a Republican trying to become governor of Massachusetts. But popular Gov. Deval Patrick isn't running this year, and the Democratic candidate is A.G.Martha "Campaign? Why?" Coakley, who didn't exactly ignite passions in her 2010 bid for the Senate. Charlie Baker really would like to do well with women, who are a rather important demographic; problem is, Coakley holds a 20-point lead among the fairer sex. So last week, at a "Women for Charlie" event, when Baker was asked if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell should be fired for his bungling of the league's multiple domestic abuse scandals, he bobbled the answer:

If we fired everybody every time we got into one of these situations, I don’t know, I would like to see more data and more information.

It's not exactly Todd Akin, but it's also not exactly a condemnation of the NFL's inaction, which Baker could have managed even without calling for a resignation. By Monday, Baker was saying that Goodell should go, but that corrective action was overshadowed by the way he ended a follow-up interview Tuesday with Fox 25 reporter Sharman Sacchetti: when she asked him a question about changes in his media team, he started to preface his answer with "Okay, this is going to be the last one, sweetheart."

Funny, he never actually answered the media team question for some reason. When Sacchetti exclaimed "Sweetheart?!" Baker quickly replied, "I'm kidding," but you know how women can get about that sort of thing -- The Boston Herald's Jessica Heslam said that Baker "just can’t get it right when it comes to women," and Massachusetts Democrats were quick to put out a video mocking Baker's hapless initial reply to a question about the "Sweetheart" remark:

By Tuesday night, Baker had apologized, and his running mate, lieutenant governor candidate Karyn Polito, said that apologizing was the right move, so we imagine that by now, Baker has pretty much taken care of any problem he has with the chicks. They are SO TOUCHY about every little thing, amiright guys?

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