Hey Look, More ‘Fake Trump Protesters’ Who Are Actually Violent Trump Protesters!


Ron Johnson, Republican senator and Wisconsin's shame, suggested during a Senate hearing Tuesday that the MAGA mob that attacked the Capitol on January 6 on behalf of the twice-impeached thug were possibly "provocateurs" and "fake Trump protesters." It's a theory sparked by an absurd Federalist article, and we guess Johnson felt comfortable sharing it publicly because there's no sanity test for Senate membership.

Rational participants in reality have noticed that the pathetic insurrectionists arrested so far have all been enthusiastic supporters of the previous White House occupant. There's the QAnon shaman, the failed life coach, the Texas florist, and the former Army ranger and current member of the far-right Oath Keepers. Maybe they all went under deep cover just to embarrass Republicans who are willingly in the same political party with Ron Johnson.

The conspiracy continued Tuesday with more arrests of obvious MAGA goons. FBI agents arrested Philip Grillo at his girlfriend's home in Glen Oaks, Queens. According to federal prosecutors, Grillo was identified by the fancy Knights of Columbus jacket he wore inside the Capitol. Grillo apparently didn't see the point of keeping a low profile during his domestic terror activities.

Grillo uses the handle “The Republican Messiah" on Facebook (no one thought to stop him). He's also a Republican representative for Assembly District 24, which his Facebook page proudly calls "President Trump's Hometown District." Grillo's local paper, the Queens Daily Eagle, is less proud of the association and just refers to him as “Queens Man."

Gothamist reports:

According to court papers, Grillo entered the Capitol building through a broken window, then walked the halls of Congress carrying a bullhorn while recording himself on a cell phone. He was allegedly among the frontline of rioters who "engaged in a physical confrontation with uniformed officers at the entryway."

Hard to imagine anything dumber than filming yourself committing felonies while wearing clothing that might as well bear your home address. Maybe this is all part of antifa's evil scheme.

Queens Republicans were reportedly surprised to learn about Grillo's coup-related escapades.

"I'm really shocked to hear that. Phil is a very committed Republican and I would say he's a principled Republican, but he never struck me as someone who would resort to that behavior," said Councilmember Eric Ulrich. "I would never think he'd be someone to do something like that, with being part of an insurrection."

Ulrich claimed Grillo helped mainstream Republicans in Queens “push back against the kooky wing of the party." He probably wasn't pushing that hard. Queens County GOP Chair Joann Ariola also had a great deal of faith in someone who called himself “the Republican Messiah."

"He is a good Republican who worked hard for the party to elect officials from the party who were moderates and definitely not from the rightwing of the party," she said.

Grillo backed the blue on social media, but photos show him aggressively confronting cops inside the Capitol. The hypocrisy isn't that shocking and is consistent with most of the MAGA mob, which seems to think cops exist solely to abuse Black people.

Case in point: Retired New York police officer Thomas Webster is accused of viciously attacking Capitol police at the January 6 siege. The antifa was strong within this one: Prosecutors allege the former Marine viciously attacked an officer with an aluminum pole while holding a Marine Corps flag. The cop was able to get the pole away from Webster, but he charged the officer with “clenched fists," tackling him to the ground. According to the criminal complaint, Webster whaled on the officer for 10 seconds, then tried to rip off the cop's face shield and gas mask, causing him to choke.

This seems like the point another cop would've shot him, but Webster somehow survived to turn himself in on Monday (yes, several weeks later), which is very different from how your typical antifa suspect is treated.

NBC News reports:

Webster is later seen in a video that was posted to YouTube on a staircase leading to the Capitol building, the complaint says, saying into the camera "Send more patriots. We need some help."

The 20-year NYPD veteran was once part of the security detail at City Hall and Gracie Mansion, the mayor's official residence. He'd shown up for the January 6 rally in a bulletproof vest, and prosecutors claim he brought a gun to DC, which is illegal to carry in the district no matter what Lauren Boebert says. (Open-carry is illegal in DC. Concealed is legal with a DC-issued permit. We are guessing Webster did not do any of this correctly!)

Defense attorney James Monroe claims Webster traveled to DC for the January 6 “Save America" rally at the twice-impeached thug's behest. These "fake Trump supporters" just keep implicating him in the siege! Monroe also insists Webster only beat the crap out of a cop because the cop hit him first.

A former NYPD cop now claiming that an officer hitting you justifies physical reprisal is mind-boggling and just makes me want to vomit. Blue lives matter, indeed.

[Queens Eagle / Gothamist / NBC News]

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